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Hello, so someone has asked me to build them a very expensive computer (around $2000-3000) and I need to know what to do. Should I opt for water-cooling (they live in Arizona) or high-end fan cooling? I will be using a NZXT Phantom case. I plan on going intel and I am also wondering how much RAM an i7-970 can handle. Please let me know. Thanks.
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  2. I just want a quick answer: water cooling or no water cooling, and how much RAM can an i7-970 handle?
  3. You could go for SAndy Bridge architecture and with the looks of it being "expensive" you might want to tri sli/cf that being the fact i think you dont buy the tri sli/cf.
    There is not much of an advantage using the tri sli/cf.
  4. It can handle 20gb of ram if you wanted it to.
    no water cooling.If you think the water cooling is difficult to maintain i suggest not.
  5. Thanks everyone!
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