First dual socket motherboard?

first motherboard with dual socket that can support intel or amd processor made between 1995 and 2005
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  1. which was the first dual socket motherboard that can support Intel or amd CPU and released between 1995-2005 ?
    for Pentium Pro 150 witch was released in 11/1/1995 for socket 8

    maybe that???
  3. MSI MS6107 can support intel and amd procressors?
  4. i cant find amd procressor with socket 8
  5. qwerty1234_74 said:
    i cant find amd procressor with socket 8

    open your mind you ll find the board.
  6. To clear up some confusion, are you asking if there Motherboard with both AMD and Intel socket?? Then no no, Dual socket usually means 2 CPU's from ether AMD or Intel, but not both, ???
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