What is the difference between ati radeon hd 5770 1024mb and 2 gb ati hd5570

what graphic card is better the ati 1024mb 5770 or the 2 gb ati hd5570
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  1. the 5770 is better by a lot
  2. The extra memory will help mostly in higher resolution play. The hd 5770 is a faster card.

    What resolution do you use, and what is your cpu?
  3. +1 on the 5770 unless your doing photo editing on 3 huge resolution screens or something. 2gb is a waste in any 3d application with a card as weak as a 5570 because the card will never be able to handle a resolution high enough to need the extra vram.
  4. ^+3
    If you are a gamer then absolutely get HD5770, it's much faster than HD5570.
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