How well would a ATI 5870 work?

Hello, I wanted to ask how well an ATI 5870 would work on a AMD Phenom II X6 1045T. Also, if this makes any difference, the computer is planed to have 6gb of memory and 1 TB of hardrive.
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  1. Do you already have the x6 1045T cpu? or are you considering it with the ati 5870? If you have not purchased the cpu, I would recommend matching the HD 5870 with a phenom II x4 965.

    Both would be fine with the HD 5870.

    CPU comparison ;)
  2. I have purchased it already, I just wanted to see what exactly I am getting since it will not arrive for a while.Question, is it possible for me to upgrade it to i7 or no? And if so, how much money would it cost?
  3. NO.

    The phenom x6 1045 is an AMD. An i7 is an intel. totally different mobos needed.

    To upgrade you will need a different mobo, and the cost depends on which 17 and mobo you choose. Intel tends to be a little more expense than AMD.
  4. Well, you already bought it so just use it, Phenom II X6 1045T is not bad, actually it's a good cpu. Along with HD5870 you can play most of games with decent setting (even maxed out) on HD monitor.
    Don't cheap out on PSU, it's the most important thing inside your PC, make sure you have enough power to run HD5870. :)
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