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I am having a problem with my newly built comp. When ever i start paying a game like cod black ops for about half an hour it will suddenly freeze and i have to manually restart the computer. I already updated the graphics cards with the latest update and the motherboard. what can i do to fix this?

Computer specs:
PSU: Corsair gs800
GPU: gtx 465 sli
CPU: i7 2600k
Chasis: haf 922
Hardrive: WD Black Caviar 6gb sata 1tb
Ram: 2x4gb gskill ripjaw
and have a frio cpu cooler
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  1. You could use furmark to stress your gpu.
    That way we will know if it is your gpu.
  2. ^ That's the idea.

    Run HWMonitor to check your temps while stressing parts with Prime95 and Furmark (don't do them together as you won't know which caused the crash).

    Run memtest from a boot disk overnight.

    Are you overclocking? It's entirely possible you might have to tweak CPU voltage manually just a bit. I know I had to.
  3. Set everything at defaults if it isn't already and as above, also try running 3DMark, Prime95 and OCCT stress tests.

    I would also suggest uninstalling and re-installing your GPU drivers, they sometimes install correctly but cause problems.

    You could also try rolling back your GPU driver to a previous version if it looks like its a GPU issue.
  4. As Proximon said, I had to increase the CPU voltage slightly in order to get my 40% OC to run without problems.

    And, beanoslim is correct as far as drivers are concerned. My GTX-275 will not run well on the newer (260.89, 266.58) Nvidia drivers. Therefore, I use the older Nvidia driver 258.96 - since you have the 400 series cards you may have to experiment on which newer driver works best for you.

    But first, slightly increase the CPU voltage. Increase in small steps of 0.05 volts and let it run for a day or two before the next incremental change. Do not exceed 1.350 Volts even though the max stated voltage is 1.500 volts on the 2600K.
  5. ^ My GTX460's don't like the new drivers, still on 260.99.
  6. I updated my gpu drivers because i was having these crashes but still have not solved it. So i will run the stress tests when i get home. Would it have heating problems because the 465 gets to about 95 degrees celcius when i am gaming on the first card while second card gets to 70's, and everything is default as of now i have not changed any settings except playing with fan speed on gpu.
  7. That would be too hot for me mate. :fou:

    My SLI GTX460's never go over 60C when Folding or gaming but they are cool runners.

    Whats the make and model of your cards and have you got the side fan in action blowing onto them?

    Try maxing out the fans as a test to see if that makes any change to the freezing.
  8. Seems to me like 95C is getting pretty hot. They may be rated for 105C or so, but I would never want a card that hot again.
  9. Yea ill try maxing the fans only downside is that the fans get very loud at 100 %
    Heres the make of my graphics cards.
  10. Yeah its just a test to see what the temps are like and if it still freezes.
  11. This is what I read on the Newegg site "Runs perectly, A little loud when fan runs above 60%, While running Homefront temp has only reached 57c"

    These temps look ok, but 95 degs C looks too high.
  12. have you set hpet mode in bios to match your o.s. 32 for 32bit 64 for 64bit...
    if you dont you will get random lockups.
  13. Could your computer parts not be getting enough air? How many fans do you have?
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