Used super glue to fix, is this ok?

radeon 5770 - The four plastic screw points that attach the top shroud/fan to the board were broken. I used super glue to reattach. There was a bit of a white film on the sides of the shroud after drying. Any issues? I put quite a bit of glue on.
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  1. Super Glue gets brittle over time and there is going to be some vibration so your fix probably won't last forever. Can you get some long cable ties and go all the way around the card and the shroud?
  2. benski has a good suggestion but if you are unable to find ones that are thin enough then you can use insulated wire or string to tie the shroud onto the cooler or pcb. I loath the quality of modern cards. x1k through the 3k radeon series used very high quality materials and often used very good designs however after the 4k series came out it slowly sank. Same for nvidia after the Grforce9/GTX2xx generation.
  3. Ok, thanks guys. I'm not so much worried about the fix lasting, I'm more concerned that the super glue might have had a bad effect on the pcb and what not. Also I hadn't thought about it, but the card gets hot, I wonder if I need to worry about fumes or anything...
  4. I wouldn't worry about fps but do take concern about the life of the card that is more important. You said pcb which worries me as that is sounding like a permanent mod. So long the glue isn't on any wires or weak areas of the pcb then you should be fine but if a different story you better take great caution as you could ruin your card.
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