Unknown bios error 8302

I have a unknown bios error 8302 it just started happening and i had to take out my hdd and put it back in because it couldnt boot at all after pressing f1 but after reseating the hdd it will at least boot after pressing f1. I have already tried flashing the bios but it did nothing for the problem. I have also tried reseting all the settings in the bios to the failsafe settings .

I have a :

Foxconn A74ML K 3.0
Ultra LSP 650
2 x 2GB ddr2 Crucial Ram
1 Sata 160 GB HDD
1 Sata 320 GB HDD
Onboard Video "waiting for RMA from XFX for my ATI HD 5770"
Windows Vista Ultimate 32 bit
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  1. http://www.foxconnsupport.com/. Foxconn has helped my twice with a bios issue, sending me a new one and then sending it again when an older bios didn't help my ssd issue. Give it a try. If you can, link this post to the request to save time. Start by selecting the "online contact" option.
  2. Got a hold of Foxconn the other day and they said that flashing the bios from the windows application doesn't always fix the problem but to try flashing from a bootable disk that has the bios file on it still trying to figure out how i have to do this they sent me a .iso image but haven't had a chance to try it yet. They told me that that is the first step they would do if i RMA'd it so if that doesnt fix it then there is a serious problem in the bios chip. Will let you know how it turns out.
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