Should the Gigabyte GTX 460 be avoided?

I'm in the market for a new video card and I've had my eye on a Gigabyte 460 1GB but I'm concerned with the large number of problems I've been hearing about it.

It seems that many people have been having problems with this card. Should I be concerned enough about it to avoid this card? Would it be wise to go with another manufacture? Such as this Asus model,
Is there another gtx 460 card that I should get instead? I would like to stay under $200.

I am using Windows 7 64bit and these are the CPU and mobo it will be used with:

Athlon X3 440

Gigabyte AM3 890GX mobo

I think that's everything. If not, let me know.

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  1. The Asus card is one of the best and the Gigabyte card is fine but considering the current deal on the MSI Hawk there's no need to consider anything else;
    It is the best GTX 460 you can buy.
  2. No it shouldn't unless you don't maintain or care for any of your hardware then you should avoid every Fermi above the GT430 and most Radeon 5 and 6k series cards as they all have needs such as preventative maintenance. I got the Gigabyte gtx460 and like most cards it needs to be broken in and modded a bit to work just right.
  3. I have this one:

    MSI N460GTX Cyclone 768

    it's got a 192 bit memory bus but its still a solid card right out of the box.

    the heatsink is amazing as well. low temps. it has one large fan (larger than the pictures give justice) larger fan @ lower RPM= nice and quiet =).
  4. Gigabyte is one of the better deals of the GTX 460 out there. I have a Gigabyte GTX 460 1gb OC for 6 months now. It has been running smoothly. It also runs cool. In my case, since I live in Philippines, it's freaking hot here. And my Video Card still runs cool under 40 degrees without airconditioning. It's running all my games 40+ FPS.
  5. The 460 is a hot and overly power-hungry chip. I would not go near it. Save some more cash and get a 570.
  6. Ten98 i dont think you know what you are talking about.... 460 are cool and OCs very well.
  7. The 465 was the hot and overly power hungry chip. The 460 was a turning point for Nvidia because it put them back into the GPU game.

    Gigabyte make good cards. I rarely trust Newegg reviews due to alot of people having no idea what they are doing or talking about. Also, if a card sells well you are going to have a higher number of bad reviews - the more they sell the more likely duds will be found, people more often leave bad feedback as they are less inclined to bother leaving a post to say it is good
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