EVGA Geforce GTS 450 install problems

Hi all,

Firstly thank you again for all the help last time with the MOBO issue I had, got a nice new one and it did the trick, predictably I've now landed myself in another fine mess lol... Sorry :-(

So got a new mobo asus m4a87td evo. Runs great with the AMD 1050T unlike the last mobo lol.

Story is like this brand new build connected everything up and works great, was able to install windows runs smooth everythings fine

So I've got this new build and waiting for my real graphics card to arrive. Currently using a GeForce 8400 GS graphics card, no problems at all, machine boots lets me install windows, no issue everything runs fine.

New graphics card arrives in the mail, EVGA Geforce GTS450. Swap out the 8400 for the GTS 450, and I get nothing. No windows, no post screen, monitor doesn't even seem to register that there is even a signal. Fan on Graphics card won't even spin up. The card has it's own power supply connector, which I did hook up but nothing at all happens. Board has 2 PCI E slots, tried it in both but same result.

I put the Geforce 8400 back in and it started up no issue at all.

Did I get a bad graphics card? If so I'll be a bit pissed because this is the secord GTS 450 I've gotten, it's a replacement for the one I sent back which didn't work either...

Any ideas, is it possible I'm doing something wrong or did I just get unlucky and get a another bad card?

If so I might try to get a different card, any possible recommendations?

Thanks all again for the help, this time around and for the last time with the mobo issue. ALso if you need more info for a better idea, let me know.

asus m4a87td evo
AMD 1050T
8GB Ram
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  1. I have never done this, but I have heard that it works. Uninstall all of the 8400gs' drivers and then basically don't even show any trace of the card on your system. Then install the new card. Hopefully it works
  2. I'll give that a try. Odd thing is that i didn't even install drivers for the old card, but I'll see if that works.

  3. No problem.
  4. Ok trying uninstalling drivers for the Geforce 8400 but didn't seem to make any difference.
    The thing is the fan on the GTS 450 doens't even spin up. No matter what drivers or no, shouldn't the fan on the graphics card start to spin...
    Could this be a bad card?
  5. Make sure you have connected to 6-pins correctly. What PSU? With my PSU I need to connect the first 6-pin into the first slot or it doesn't work. Try making sure you connected the fist 6-pin. PCI-E 1 is what is should say on the 6-pin if you have multiple 6-pins. :)
  6. Post your full specs including your current power supply.
  7. THe power cable for the graphics card came with it, I just have to connect it to some of the regular power connectors within the case/PSU ... i think.


    ASUS m4a87td evo
    AMD X6 1055T Processor
    EVGA Geforce GTS 450 1GB Ram
    OCZ 8GB DDR3
    500GB HDD
    450W PSU
  8. Make sure you card is completely in the slot and your power cables are completely plugged in.
  9. i did and they are... :(
  10. Have you checked to see if there are any bios updates for that board, if so update with the old card and try again.
    Though if its not powering up at all, it might be a bad card. Usually the m/b will try to boot the vga bios , meaning the fan should spin. Sometimes it takes a m/b bios update to get it to boot the videocard bios successfully.
  11. Do the BIOS update thing and if that doesn't work just RMA. :)
  12. just an update. Thanks again all. Nothing seemed to work, so I'm returning for a refund. I have the other Geforce 8400 GS which is working without an issue, I know it's not as good but it's doing the job and this rig isn't for games anyway.

    I'll hunt around and try something else once I get my money back.

    Thanks again everyone.
  13. You gave very little info except for 4 characters of information (3# and one letter) as to the brand, wattage, and model of your psu. Not even the current state of condition nor current perfomance of your unit. I am sure that your problem lies there with your unit not being able to provide enough power to the whole system with the card installed. The 8400gs barely uses 20w give or take while the GTS450 uses 5 times that. The cpu is likely either a 95w or a 125w sample given that not to many like or even want a 140w that is hard to cool let alone overclock.
  14. ahh i see, apologies, nobody mentioned that before, only a bios issue was mentioned., so that particular card takes 100w of power...

    power suply Extreme ATX 450W; Model No: RSY-645, if that helps.
    Card recommendations say it recommends at least 400w PSU.
    CPU takes 125w
  15. Very little to nothing is showing up so I believe that it might be one of those horrible low quality generic units and that it may be the source of your problems.
  16. ok so before returning the card you think I should get a new PSU? any recommendations on wattage? Should I not got above a certain amount?
  17. You can if you want to go to true extremes you could go up to 2kw dual phase units but that is just serving a point. 550w antec would be just fine due to the fact they they can actually deliver the wattage as stated on the sticker. Most generics typically max out less than 80% than their stated maximum wattage. There are videos up on youtube showing these generic units exploding. I got a Antec Neo HE550 and I am running a lot off it, try 6 drives, a 95w tri core, and a GTX460 with room to grow thanks to the high quality construction. It is rare now but you can still get affordable high quality units that can match it or even better than what I got for around $75 give or take before rebate ect. Don't buy from a physical store unless you were to call in about what they have then research.

    Sorry for the long winded post and if it is a dry read.
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