Problem with intel DQ965GF mobo

I have a Intel DQ65GF motherboard that has worked great for years .Recently I decided to toy around in the cmos and changed the ram setting from 533mhz to 667mhz to match the listing on the ram I have installed . After reboot I get no post no beeps all fans power on but nothing else happens .

I have tried resetting the bios multiple times removed all components aside from the cpu and fan it did beep like crazy as it should with no ram . I have tried different ram no changes . Verified all connections including mounting screws . Tried other psu's .

I tried a different mobo as well though I am not sure of its working condition it was new but got exposed to moisture and has a small bit of rust around the audio jacks it gave me a single beep with ram installed but also did not post.

System worked fine before the change in cmos at this point I am completely clueless on what could be wrong if anyone has any suggestions on how to fix this or even if I should be looking into the mobo or cpu have gone bad from this change I would be greatful

Specs Intel DQ965GF mobo .Unsure of revision number at this time as I cant get to the tower ( In the closet blocked off by xmas stuff)
Intel celeron 3.33 GHZ cpu
2gb PC25300 ram
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  1. Try removing the board battery for one minute to reset the bios? You can also try each stick of ram one at a time. Too bad you messed with it. If it ain't broke, don't mess with it. Boards, cpus, and ram are all more delicate than some folks realize. When I worked at dell, I went through the esd class twice. They showed how easily a blown circuit can create a problem and how hard it is to detect some without a magnifying glass. Cheap replacement boards:
  2. Thanks for the reply . Ive tried both . I removed the battery for a full 8 hours while I was at work . Tried each stick of ram as well as ram from the system I'm on now and tried this systems ram on that board aswell . I'm already all over ebay looking for replacement parts just wanted to try here for one last shot at getting this working again without buying more hardware

    Edit to add: I only tried changing this setting because the system had began to perform to slow even after full formatting and clean windows install was hoping it would help improve its performance ( Forgot to mention that in my first post I work nights and right now is my equivilent of staying up till 6am so my brain isnt quite functioning 100%)
  3. If your windows operating system is not oem (dell, hp, etc) then you may want to switch to a ddr3 board such as this:, since ddr3 is so much cheaper. If your board is oem, then the original windows operating system will require another dell, hp, etc board to load. It won't load on other board brands. For other brand boards, you'll need a new windows coa number. For a complete upgrade, I recommend:
  4. Thanks for the info . At this time I'm just looking for a cheap fix to get this rig back up . I only use it for video ( its basicly my tv/stereo since I dont own either) I'm soon building a new rig to replace the one I am on now at which time this one will replace the rig I'm trying to repair I found a ASUS P5GC-MX/1333 on ebay which includes a Intel E2180 cpu and a 2gb stick of ram for $65 USD considering getting that for the time being . Any reccomendation as to if this is a good buy ? I'm not familiar with ASUS boards as I've only really ever had Intel boards
  5. Not bad if the seller gives you a 7 day warranty. Otherwise, shop your local craigslist and test the setup yourself before purchasing.
  6. Good plan I will send him a message and ask about any warranty . Also never really considered looking around craigslist I'll take a look before commiting to anything . I appreciate the help by the way
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