Really weird CPU temp, need advice

Hi, I just built a new rig and thing seemed to be running smoothly, until mmy computer froze in the middle of doing nothing o I had to cut the power and restart it eventually. THen it happned again so I figured maybe it's overheating, becvasue it can't be the power supllly. So I installed speedfan it read a SPU temp of 88 degrees at idle! However this temp doesn't seem to be changing drastically when I play games, it just floats around at about 88 degrees. THen I found my core temps and they all read between 27 and 43 depending on load. So here's my quetion, is the CPU temp or the core temp wrong, should I do something and if so, what?


CPU: Intel core i5-2500 (not overclocked one bit)
CPU cooler: Standard that was delivered with my CPU
Motherboard: ASUS P8P67 LE
GPU: ASUS Radeon HD 6950 2GB
RAM: Corsair XMS3 8GB DDR3 PC3-12800 1600MHz (2x4GB)
PSU: Antec 750W TruePower Blue
Case: Antec sonata III (think there is a newer version mine is a couple of years old)
Cae cooling: 1x 120mm fan at the back of the case

Btw the rest of temps are all under 40, HDDs under 30, except something that says AUX which is at over 60 degrees.

Regards Magnolia00
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  1. Speedfan has a different cpu monitoring hardware and according to most enthusiast the speedfan software isnt meant to support the new 45nm technology.Core temp is the better suited one it gears itself towards the 45nm and 32nm manufacturing processes.Thank you.
    Thank you.
  2. Install RealTemp 3.40 (the 3.60 version has some bugs and will read 14 degrees higher than actual).

    Now check temps at idle, and also while gaming. Idle temps should be between 30 and 40 degs C, and temps during gaming should not exceed 50 degs C.

    Here is a review on the case:

    As you will see, the fan was designed to deal with a 500 Watts PSU. The fan can deal with the 750 Watts PSU that you currently have. However, if and when you start overclocking, and in summer, there will be additional heat produced within the case. Start thinking about adding 1 or 2 fans to increase the air flow. (New thread on the Antec Forum?).

    The present fan will handle your present situation. So, no need to panic!

    Let me know what temps you are getting from RealTemp 3.40, and accordingly, we can take the next step.
  3. Must be the umpteenth thread i've read in the last month concerning Speedfan.
    Which as zulfadhli correctly states is crap for new cpu's.
    RealTemp,CoreTemp,and HWMonitor are much better.
  4. Id use realtemp but if ya wanna test CPU and GPU, I use OCCT
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