Transfer Rate of 5MB/S from SSD to USB Stick?!

Hello all,

I just built a new computer with a asus p8z68 deluxe gen 3, 32gigs of ram, an i7 and 2 ocz ssds.

I plugged in a USB stick to move some files off of the one ssd, and I'm getting a transfer rate of 4-5 MB/S.

The transfer is 248 Files about 7GB, but this seems ridiculously slow. It's a 16Gig USB Stick, which I bought in the last year so I'm assuming it'd be USB 2.0. I have the USB Stick plugged directly into a USB port on the motherboard as well.

I'm on latest bios, and everything on Win 7 64.

Any help here would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. This is a known issue when doing large transfers over a USB 2 connection. Nothing is wrong with your system. The only way to fix it is to upgrade to USB 3.
  2. Okay, so I need a USB 3.0 Stick? Thanks, I really was concerned. I'm also running into an odd issue with Windows "Discovering" something I'm trying to delete?
  3. yayforcake99 said:
    Okay, so I need a USB 3.0 Stick? Thanks, I really was concerned. I'm also running into an odd issue with Windows "Discovering" something I'm trying to delete?

    You need a USB3 stick, but importantly, you need a USB 3 port to plug the stick into. I don't know if your current system has USB 3 ports, but they can be bought on an add-in card.
  4. It should also be noted that writing to a flash drive is generally slower then reading from it.

    30MB/sec(240 megabits/sec) is about the top you generally see for USB 2.0 devices(there are some faster) despite the interface being claimed for more(480 megabits/sec or 60 megabytes/sec). USB 2.0 just has too much overhead.

    It would be worth checking out reviews on USB 3.0 flash drives before picking one up. This will ensure you get one that is fast.


    reads are faster,2304.html

    It is kind of strange to see memory cards like SDHC being past the USB flash drives.

    Just something to consider.

    In the end, as said above, nothing wrong with your computer
  5. Thanks guys so much, really appreciate all of the assistance.
  6. Umm seriously - Corsair make the FASTEST USB 2 sticks and I assume they are hot in the USB 3 stakes as well. I think they are the GTA and the Voyager models...

    The main issue is the chips themselves, and the read write speeds they are capable of.

    Some cheaper or even many of the main players that advertise their USB sticks are actually USB sticks with absolute DOGS of chips in them that have R/W speeds around 1/5th to 1/2 of the Corsairs.

    Then there is the issue of the USB speed it's self.... While USB 1 is impossibly slow, 2.0 is wayyyyyyy better, and USB 3.0 is heaps better again, there is an issue that I have found that it's usually FASTER to write say 3 separate 4Gig files than it is to write 1 x 12 Gig file.

    I am assuming that some of the processing in the transfer includes the preallocation of the data, and the more data there is, the more data and information that has to be sorted before and while the file is being transferred.

    I would not touch anything except the Corsair USB sticks, because the rest of the manufacturers are just blowing smoke up your arse when it comes to LARGE capacity sticks. It does not matter a *** really when you need to copy a few meg here and there onto it as data backs ups, but when you want to move say 20 or 30 Gig at a time, on USB 2, the Corsair I think took about 40 minutes, while the next best took 3 hours....

    Check the sites for the READ WRITE speeds of them.....

    And steer clear of the super cheap *** ones - they are OK for spreading virus's and backing up a bit of work - while you have all day to do it, but they are NO good at all for "Hey I have half and hour, and 10Gig to back up".....

    Corsair went to special efforts to keep their standard of chips really high and FAST.

    Worth the effort if only to avoid the crap sticks - Oh the cheap stick is $20 cheaper than the Corsair - I will get that", then multiply waiting around for one or two hours several times a year for a number of years, and then figure out if all your time is worth that measly saving of $20
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