Can't build my SB system, what now?

So I was 2 days away from buying my whole system from newegg with a SB 2600K and a P67 mobo but now with the issue with the boards and suddenly the 2600K is sold out to? (possibly newegg pulling it?)

What should i do now? I can wait and thats probably what i will do but i don't know when i will be able to get the parts now. Also when does the z68 boards come out?

I guess ill just wait for a bit and buy parts like the case, psu, and hdd trying to find the best deals i can.

Thoughts guys? How about some good news?
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    You can go with older i5/i7 parts. Or check out an AMD rig. Good deals on the 1090t x6 right now.
  2. FYI, newegg emailed about store warranty for p67 extended to 90 days. I'm not returning mine. The issue affects SATAII ports. I use the 2 backward-compatible SATAIII ports(hdd + dvd). No problems for me so far. Mind you, I do full virus scans every day on the HDD.

    If you plan to wait for new fixed P67 chipsets, it'll be spring before they're in stock.

    Yes, AMD is good news. You can just swap out the SB CPU & P67 for AM3 Phenom II X4 + AMD 890 mobo. 890FX is the best of the series.
  3. Check ebay, due to the panic if lucky some people are selling their 'faulty' mobos :)
    I use SATA III for my SATA II devices so have no issues, glad I have mine as I would not want to wait
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