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So I recently switched to Windows 7 and am running into the issue where whenever I download a file and it uses the majority of my bandwidth, my router basically crashes and has to be reset for it to run again. I had this problem with XP but only when I was running Vuze and that was quickly resolved by limited the number of open connections in Vuze (which was what was killing the router). Now I can only guess that's what's happening here, though I'm not 100% sure and I don't know how you'd limit the number of open connections in Win7.

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  1. Try upgrading the firmware on your router. Also what is the make & model of the router? If its really old, you might consider picking up a new one...
  2. Yes it's older, a WRT54G and the firmware is up to date, I'm running DD-WRT on it. But the router doesn't need to be replaced, not yet. It's something with Windows 7.
  3. ok, yeah that router should handle alot of traffic, it a classic goodie! Have you scanned for Maleware/spyware? if not try "malwarebytes" its free and a great program! You could try and update to the latest and greatest drivers for the NIC. Or Delete the NIC from device manager, and reinstall it. Or if the NIC is going out it could be sending out massive amounts of traffic.... Just one faulty NIC can create a broadcast storm that can take out an entire network (couple years ago, LAX airport had that issue... some blogs about it:

    Some things to try/think about... or if you have already tried it Post up and let us know.
  4. XP has some connection limiting "security" feature built in to slow down the spread of worms. This was removed with Win7(possibly Vista also). So Vuze is free to spam as many connection as fast as it can.
  5. Well that's great Kewl but this isn't about Vuze. I was just mentioning that for reference. The NIC is not faulty and there's no malware on my pc (Kudos for mentioning Malwarebytes though, I'm quite fond of it) but I'm not running the exact drivers for my NIC. It is not really supported, but windows had some generic broadcom driver published for compatibility so maybe that's it. Though I'm not 100% convinced and I'll keep holding out if someone magically appears with the exact solution lol.
  6. Meh, the problem was TCP optimzer from

    It' really built for XP and under. They recommend not using it on Vista/7. I did anyways and as soon as I undid it, everything was right as rain
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    I have never really seen a "good" optimizer... Other than "Killer NIC", but they just dedicated a small onboard NPU (800 Mhz) to handle all networking processes (also frees up the CPU from networking threads). Plus they tinkered with the TCP/IP stack protocol and made it a little more efficient...

    Glad to see you solved your problem!
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