Need help finding a similar monitor (I have no idea which spec makes me love thi

Hey Guys, I purchased an Acer P235H monitor for my work, and it was a massive upgrade!

There's something about this monitor, it could be the brightness or the contrast or something, but the colors POP. I think the glossiness is also a factor but I have no idea.

Anyway, I can no longer purchase this series and I wanted to get two more monitors for my home PC; I ended up getting 2 Dell IPS (u2211) monitors but I like them a lot less. They are missing that 'glossy' look and the colors don't seem to pop as much. I feel like the image on this acer is much better.

So I'm selling my IPS monitors to a buddy of mine who apparently thinks they are awesome. I feel like I'm missing something and one of the 'not cool' because the reviews for those monitors are through the roof :(.

Now Acer no longer makes the P235H series and since I don't know what it is that I love about these monitors, I can't exactly find one with the same specs. Can anyone help me figure out what I love about this monitor, and maybe suggest one of the similar monitors from Asus' new line?


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  1. Which was your older monitor..? Sometimes folks upgrading from a 17" monitor to a 22" or more size monitor immediately fall in love with the extra screen real estate they get.. Anyway, you can check this Samsung monitor for your use -
  2. Sorry I thought I made it clear, the monitor I like is the AcerP235H (no longer made) its a 23.5" screen.
  3. PhattieM said:
    Sorry I thought I made it clear, the monitor I like is the AcerP235H (no longer made) its a 23.5" screen.

    Yes I know you made it clear.. Where do you see me contradicting it..!! I just suggested you a Samsung monitor instead of Asus.. All TN panel LCD monitors produce similar images which are btw inferior to any IPS panel monitor.. But since you have already stated your disappointment with a good IPS monitor, I figured a regular TN panel monitor with a big screen size and an excellent design will make you happy.. Thus my recommendation..
  4. Listen to Emperus, he is the wise one, he speaks the truth. +1
  5. I think I want something glossy, not something larger... The problem is, no one seems to make glossy monitors anymore.
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