TV as MONITOR, does HD res matter?

a few questions about tvs as monitors:
i use my TV as a monitor mostly (vga port) but i like the ability to switch over and watch over-the-air tv if i want. that being said, what's better--LED or LCD?
i have my choice down between either a 24" LED 1089p HDTV,
or a 26" 720p normal LCD.

right now i'm sorta leaning towards the bigger screen simply because the gap is WAY BIGGER than just 2"--the length of the 24" is 22.5", the length of the 26" is actually 25.7". it's just so much bigger.

does the 1080p matter since i will only be watching over-the-air tv from an antenna? or will it mess with the resolution of my computer/dvds/etc even tho i use VGA ports?
considering my dark lair of a cave, will LED make a difference?
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  1. if it helps, the 26" is VIORE, the 24" is SCEPTER.

    both seems like crappy brands, but i'm not some tv snob. i'm poor people.
  2. 720p may be fine for watching TV, especially if you will sit further away from it than you typically do a monitor, but for a monitor, that's not a very good resolution for that size. Everything will look a lot more pixelated due to having a much lower DPI than the other does.

    If you want a 26" monitor, I'd strongly recommend getting one that 1080p or higher res.
  3. 720P is 1280 x 720 resolution.
    1080P is 1920 x 1080 resolution.

    I would go for the 1080P; higher resolution. You will pay a bit more for it. The monitor is one of the few "future proof" pc purchases you can make today. Spend what you need to on a great monitor. You will be looking at it for a long time.
    1080P lets you view HD content and will give a clearer image on normal PC work.

    The size of the monitor is irrelevant. At a desktop distance, 32" is not too large.

    I can't comment on LCD or LED, image quality or speed.

    720P is appropriate for a laptop, or a pc with a 15" screen; not much else.
    1080P on a 24" desktop is very good.
  4. LED backlighting is a nice bonus but even ignoring that I'd choose the 24" because 26" at 720p is going to look terrible when used as a monitor. Normally 720p is for monitors that are about 17-18". Putting the same resolution on a screen with over twice the area is going to make text/pics look blurred when viewed close up. It will look ok for a distance with video but such a screen is simply not appropriate to use as a monitor IMO.
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