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Good deal? GTX 460??

Hey just wondering if the this is actually a great deal or just ok. It is a MSI N460GTX Hawk edition for 160 AR.
(theres the link)

also how large of a psu would i need to run one of these GPU's with a sandybridge system?
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  1. Yes, it is a good deal in American Money at least. Probably your money too. I do not know the max TDP of a sandy bridge. If sandy bridge is like a regular, I would suggest a 500w PSU. Hope I helped. ;)
  2. haha my money? ( i wish i had my own currency) i live in the US as well i ment AR (after rebate) sorry.. but thanks for confirming! was just checking so would this psu be good?
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    That should handle it. I just got the OCZ 600w StealthXstream today. I am very happy with my purchase. Go for it. :D
  4. ok think you just swayed me Thanks for your help!
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  6. No problem. ;)
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