Im looking to build a web server for about 800-1000 but have no idea where to start as far as what parts to buy. i plan on using ubuntu ( lamp+red5) to host a webcam chat site for my business so that all of the employees can chat with each other. the other site is just the business site that sells are product it is a pretty basic website so noot really stressing there but the new chat site is worring me. i need a server that can handle this type of site with a moderate amount of traffic. i really would like the site to appear fast when employees log in to chat with clients or each other. I NEED THE HELP OF THE PROS any build suggestions would help me greatly AGAIN I NEED your help thatnks in advance
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  1. Your real issue is internet speed. a video chat website is going to suck up a crap load of bandwidth and each of the people connected will have to have good upload speed to the server as well from wherever they are.

    Assuming that you have that end taken care of...Barring any kind of enterprise level server of course... your best bet is to go with a dual or quad core cpu (http servers aren't really cpu intensive), 12-16 gb of ram, and you're probably gonna wanna go with a solid state hard drive (Id say at least a 100gb to be safe but you can probably get away with a smaller one) to maximize response times.
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