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"You are required to pay the difference between your original invoice price, less any applicable rebates, and the price of the new card, plus any applicable tax and shipping. The program itself has no cost associated with it.

The original box is not necessary, but you will need to keep all of the original packaging and materials that came with your product the day you purchased it. If you have removed the UPC for a rebate, you can still send the box in as is for ease of packaging and shipping. If you have lost or damaged any of the accessories, or if you fail to return them with your product, the original product will be returned to the customer."

So, evga is saying that they are going to be deducting the amount I paid which is shown in the invoice and the rebate that I requested. However, my question is how are they going to know if I requested rebate or not since invoice does not show any information about the rebate?

If they figure out by the serial number ( I guess both rebate and step up program require serial number), what are they going to do lets say, if one file for the rebate (retail box does not need to be sent in) after he has already done step up program? Are they just going to refuse to give the rebate or are they just going to charge the amount from the credit card?
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    I would assume it would be applicable rebates through EVGA or manufacture rebates with EVGA the manufacturer of course, for which they may have records since you would have had to registered your card to recieve your rebate. I once did step up from two 280's to two 295's but none had rebates so not an issue.

    Send them an email and ask them or call, they are real good a getting a real person to talk to you. EVGA, Corsair and Newegg are about the only retailers and manufactures I trust to actually sell you good stuff and give you decent support. The rest can pretty much go to hell.
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