Connecting 2 or more pcs from charter cable without using their modem or router

I have my own modem and own router.
I can only access the internet 1 computer at a time which defeats the idea of a router right? how can I connect 2 or more computers with the router?
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  1. Did you power cycle the modem after connecting it to the router? Are your connecting the cable from the modem to the Internet port on the router? I have Charter with a cable modem & router and no problem connecting multiple computers.
  2. yes I did power cycle the modem after connecting the router.
    From the charter cable to the modem to the router and to the 2 PCs I have.
    Do i have to ask Charter for another IP or something?
  3. Are you getting a Charter IP address assigned to your router?
  4. After you power cycled the modem, did you power cycle the router?
    Is the router set up for DHCP? When you go to the admin page of the router (assuming web interface) what does it show for IP address info?
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