Still looking at CPU coolers...

Yes, yes, I know that some of the veterans out there are screaming at their monitors right now, saying 'You've already asked this about fifty times!', but I still can't come to a verdict...

As you probably have heard, I'm still looking for a CPU cooler for an AM3 setup to replace my Sunbeam Core Contact Freezer. Why would I want to replace this? Because on an MSI 790FX-GD70, the RAM slots are so close to the CPU socket that it has to be mounted backwards in order for the fan to not be in the way of the first slot. I have all four DIMMs filled, so I can't move them out.

I was looking at the finalists from my last thread about this (which was centered around compact coolers), but I just don't want to give up the cooling performance. They were the CoolerMaster Gemini S and Zalman's CNPS9500. Neither one of which has the cooling capacity of something the size of the CCF.

That brings me to my next question: Instead of asking for a compact cooler, maybe I should ask the GD70 owners what coolers THEY use. ;) I'm not sure why I didn't have the brains to do that in the first place, but oh well...

So, fellow GD70 owners, past GD70 owners, or anyone who has seen a GD70 with an aftermarket heatsink, I ask you this: What's the best cooler I can put on this motherboard without interfering with anything? I came really close to buying the Corsair H70 to put on one of the top exhaust slots on my CM 690 II Advanced, but I just don't want to have an enclosed fountain in my case. Even if there have only been one or two confirmed leaks, I've heard to many drips and drops to feel comfortable buying it.

I was looking at the ZeroTherm Nirvana, but it looks like it would have the same problem as the CCF. I was also looking at the CM Hyper 212+ - its performance is great, if not better, and it appears that it may be just a little thinner.

Any suggestions once again?
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  1. I really highly doubt that the Mugen 2 would fit on the GD70...
    I'm not really sure I like the Shuriken B, and I don't really need a low-profile cooler. I'd prefer something that performed a little better to be honest. I'm willing to pay a premium for it if I have to; just remember that I need all four RAM slots, though.

    There has to be a tower that will fit on a 790fx-GD70 that gives equal performance to the CCF...
    Also, the more I read, the more I keep wanting to buy an H50 in a push-pull setup. Even if it isn't the best thing on the market out there, it should be more than enough to keep a Phenom II cool...
  2. Wow, dead already... I guess that's what I get for both being indecisive and having a picky setup...

    I'll make one last attempt before pitching in $80 on the H50 plus a couple good fans. I was just flipping through the "790FX-GD70 Owners Club" on OCN, and that's what a lot of people over there are suggesting, too. Unless anyone has any objections, I think that's what I'm going to do. I don't really need the extra performance of the H70, plus the massive radiator along with two fans wouldn't really be too peachy in my average sized CM 690 II...
    I don't feel like pitching in the money and time for an actual Water Cooling setup right now... maybe some other day, though. :D

    Last call before I send in to NewEgg for an H50. Now or never. :)
  3. What case are you using? I use a corsair H50 in a mid-tower. It saves alot of space and also wont pump as much heat into your case which saves the system temp for the GPU and RAM.

    Some people like to give the H50 a bad rap, but it truly is a liquid cooler and vs. air coolers, its more quiet, saves space, saves system heat.
  4. Thermalright Archon, xbitlabs showed it to be the best aircooler around, which means it's better than a crappy H50/70. And with one fan installed it is only 78mm wide. It also has ~40mm of motherboard PCB clearance according to something else that I found. It is 170mm tall, so you won't be able to use a fan in the top slot on the side panel.

    Another narrow cooler, which will be less costly is the Thermalright MUX-120, the Black version comes with AMD mounting hardware. The Archon comes with the hardware to mount it on an AMD system.
  5. That's more like it. :D Thanks for the replies.

    My case is a CoolerMaster CM 690 II Advanced.
    Certainly not a small case, but it doesn't have excessive amounts of free space, either.

    I'll have to look into the MUX-120. It looks like it would perform exceptionally well, and I really haven't seen that much of it around the internet... pretty much a miniature TRUE... thanks for that. :)

    Looks like it's the MUX-120 vs the Corsair H50 now. ;)
  6. Did you find the review of it here on Toms? It was in a roundup of 1156 coolers, did quite well.
  7. Silvune said:
    Did you find the review of it here on Toms? It was in a roundup of 1156 coolers, did quite well.

    They have that?... :ouch:,2535-14.html,2788.html
    Yep. That right there could have saved me an impressive amount of time. If only I had the brains to have searched Tom's a little bit more... :D,2788-3.html
    Looks like we've got three contestants then. The Ice Matrix, the MUX-120, and the H50. Looking good... :D

    Scratch that, the Ice Matrix isn't exactly a high-performance cooler. It would work, but I'd prefer something a little beefier. I'll keep it in mind, though, should all else fail. Maybe I'll just pick one up anyway for the heck of it - it looks like a neat thing to have. Heh...
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