Graphics card problem with new build

Hi all

Recently finished a new build but having problems with my graphics card. It powers on, with all fans running and i get mobo beeps without the graphics card in. But if i add it and connect the auxillary power cables then all the fans twitch once and then stop completely; no further beeps, no fans, HDD activity or display. If the auxillary power cables are removed, then all the fans spin up and it beeps, but still no display. Any ideas guys?

I5 2500k
4gb ram
1tb hdd
650 watt Antec Truepower
Asus p8p67 mobo
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  1. Whatever gpu you have installed could be overloading the PSU, or, the PSU might simply be bad.
  2. Are you connecting the proper 6/8 pin plugs to the GPU? The 8 pin CPU and 8 pin GPU plugs are almost the same and can sometimes fit in one another.

    The PSU should be plenty to handle the GPU, so it shouldn't be a lack of power issue...
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