Zalman CNPS9700 LED Support Clip

As you can see the holes are waaay off. It's a LGA755 socket, and the processor I use is a over-heating Pentium D 820 (2.8GHz). I'm guessing this isn't supported for my Intel motherboard.

Motherboard: D945GCZ

Also the processor socket doesn't face the back of the case. It's in a diamond direction, as in the picture. Is there another support clip to support my board or do I have to sell my Zalman CNPS9700 LED Ultra Quiet CPU Cooler that I just bought from Amazon, and stick with the stock heatsink (which isn't doing well of course)? :-(
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  1. The motherboard is BTX form. Is there a special clip for this setup?
  2. I looked elsewhere and found out that there's no solution> I guess nobody here has 1 either. If not then can anybody recommend a BTX aftermarket cpu cooler for me, until im able to just build a new PC?
  3. Hi, I actually just snagged up a complete machine with this same exact mobo for about 14 bucks and I'm throwing either a Pentium D 935 (which I'm certain will work, but is notorious for heating issues), or the Pentium D 960 (if I can find out whether or not the microbtx board will support the latter). I was curious - did you manage to find a working solution to the heatsink/fan upgrade problem for yours?
  4. Sadly I haven't. I even thought about finding spots to drill into the motherboard to make it work. But I didn't go that route. I'm just going to build a whole new computer when I get a chance. And just give this old 1 to a sister or mom. It's still pretty fast.
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