9600GT replacement?

I want to replace my PNY 9600GT with a newer card. I currently have a E8400 Core2Duo and a DG31PR motherboard. I can't go over $200.
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  1. what wattage psu do you have?

    and do you have a prefrance for nvidia or are you open to possible ati/amd options?
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    Nice cpu, if you are wanting to be cheap then look at a GTS450/5770 or a used GTX260 however the best bang for buck card out there with stable drivers ect then look to a cheap GTX460. I got one my self and they are dependable.
  3. I have a 600Watt PSU. I play a lot of Company of Heroes on my PC and also other RTS's. I would like to be able to play on ultra settings and do 4v4 games with no issues with FPS. I have no preference for ATI/Nvidia.
  4. This is a very nice card and very nice deal;
    You aren't going to do better for under $200
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