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Hey guys, I'll try to make this short for you!

I currently have 2x2GB of the RAM listed below installed. I ordered another 2x2GB, the exact same item and everything (just went back into my newegg order history and clicked it again, ordered again) but the new RAM won't work in my PC. I tried taking the original RAM out and running the new RAM alone in its place, switching them around different ways and running all 8GB together, and have had zero success.

My process: power down the PC, turn off PSU, unplug everything, open the PC case up, install/move around/whatever the RAM units, and then reverse through that process. I get nothing but a black screen every time.

Here is some more info on my system:
Windows 7 Professional (64-bit)

Thanks for any suggestions or help on this, much appreciated. Let me know if any more information is needed.
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  1. That board is relatively dated. You will probably need to update the BIOS to accommodate your new RAM configuration. If the original RAM no longer works there may be issues with your motherboard that occurred during installation.
  2. So the old ram works in your Pc and the new ram by itself does not? If you use one old stick and one new stick it won't work? I you use one new stick is doesn't work? you have switched to all four slots and no luck? If this is the case then it does sound like the two new sticks are no good and should be RMA'd back to Newegg. Unless there is some setting in the bios that you have to change but if the old ram works then it has to be the new ram is bad.
  3. I haven't tried running one old and one new stick together yet, probably the only thing I haven't tried.

    I'm trying to find the new BIOS on but the only one I found tells me that it's not compatible because my OS is 64-bit. So, I tried to send in a tech support message to MSI and the form asks for a TON of info that I can't find (all kinds of model numbers and such that are nowhere to be found on the MB itself). I'm still trying to figure this out because if it were the BIOS being out of date, that would make perfect sense.
  4. The BIOS update is compatible it is the installer software for it that is not. You need to boot off a utility disk of some kind to get another OS to load. We use some kind of DOS USB stick for instance. You may be better off burning a CD or DVD to get it going. Go here.

    I see that they have a driver free disk for BIOS flashing for example.
  5. Okay, I burned the bootdisk file to a CD and tried to boot from it (set it up as first in boot order). My computer gave me the option of starting windows normally or repairing the system, so I clicked start windows normally and it just booted up from the hard drive as normal. Should I go in and disable booting from the hard drive in the BIOS so that the only option is to boot from the disc?
  6. Wait a minute, if the SAME RAM --> OLD = Works ; NEW SAME DIMM Slots aka replaced/swapped places NEW = Fails then the most likely problem is the NEW RAM = BAD.

    OLD = CT2KIT25664BA1067 = WORKS e.g. Black DIMM Slots only
    NEW = CT2KIT25664BA1067 = FAILS e.g. Black DIMM Slots only

    Please clarify.
  7. That's correct Jaquith, but also, I tried to replace the old ram with all new RAM that was two 4GB sticks and neither of those worked in any configuration either. I guess I could try, if this bootdisc update doesn't work, to get an RMA/exchange though.
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    4GB/stick density is often an issue especially with non-AM3+ MOBO and typically in that case I recommend a BIOS update.

    Q - if you only install the 2x4GB in the MSI's Black DIMM slots does it fail to post?

    The kit(s) you posted above are ALL 2X2GB and not 2X4GB; so please post the 2X4GB Kit.

    Q - what BIOS is installed?
    Q - what CPU is installed?

    The latest memory related BIOS is v1.3 - but if your CPU is not supported by your BIOS version aka lacks CPUID then sure you'll need an updated BIOS.

    Updating BIOS use M-Flash:
    How to -
    Bootable Flash Drive -
  9. Awesome, I'll read through all that.

    Here's my motherboard BIOS version: 7578MS - 20090805
    My CPU:
  10. The ADX435WFK32GI requires = Version 1.0 (2009-08-05) which is what's installed, so yep it's probably a good idea to update to the latest BIOS = Version 1.7 (2011-03-03)

    Use the M-Flash method posted above.

    Q - What 2X4GB RAM? ; need a link.

    Mix-Matching the OLD + NEW RAM might be a problem, both should have the SAME Frequency, CAS Timings and Voltage otherwise they won't work together.
  11. The BIOS update worked!! Now my only issue is that several programs (Afterburner and MSI Update, for example) don't give me the option to right click and 'open'. Instead of 'open', it says 'troubleshoot compatibility'.

    I have to run some errands, so maybe that issue will resolve itself when I restart the computer when I get home.
  12. Uninstall and/or re-install the Apps. In the BIOS you'll need to redo whatever 'tweaks' you entered from before, at minimum Load Optimized or Defaults - save and exit = Yes and reboot. Otherwise, 'that' problem generally happens if you upgraded your OS not typically from a BIOS update. Next, download and install all of the latest drivers listed (Windows 7 x64) ->
  13. Trusty BIOS update comes through again.
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  15. Thanks guys, helped a ton- that was incredibly frustrating! And upon the restart, the 'troubleshoot compatibility' issue went away on it's own.
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