Web cam stress!

Hi! Not sure I chose the correct caregory...
I am hoping to find answers to web cam problems. I am receiving well...when it stays connected. I loose connection frequently, and it reconnects fairly quickly, or not at all. I noticed there are settings to choose but I don't know what to choose.
I am wireless at this time, but even when I had fast "wired" internet, I was loosing connection.
I wonder if a stronger antena would help?
Thanks for your advice!
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  1. "I am wireless at this time, but even when I had fast "wired" internet, I was loosing connection. I wonder if a stronger antena would help?"

    Based on the above, why would a stronger antenna help? As you said yourself, the problem happens even w/ a wired connection.
  2. Ok. So what is a solution?
  3. I got an email asking if I got an answer to my web cam problem. No. No solution. Here is the message I get when I try to view my link to a live camera in another state...
    "AXIS Media Control which enables streaming video in Microsoft Internet Explorer, has not been installed or could not be registered on this computer. To install or upgrade the
    AXIS Media Control , you must have Administration rights on this computer and you must answer Yes
    when asked if you wish to allow the installation. AXIS 207W can also be configured to show still images."
    So I have gone from loosing my connection to none at all. I did download the axis media control software. Installed it. Still nothing.
    Can anyone help?
    Thank you!!!!!
  4. It’s pretty difficult to diagnose this kind of problem remotely. You didn't even mention the make & model of network camera, or the client platform (Windows) until your most recent post. And now your trying to diagnose problems w/ a network camera in another state?!

    Is this your network camera or someone else's? (I was under the impression you were initially having problems w/ a local network camera)

    Are these network cameras running the latest firmware from the manufacturer?

    Are you sure they are compatible w/ the version of Windows you're using? I see this network camera has been discontinued, so it's obviously a bit older, and if you're running Windows 7 64bit, maybe there's a compatibility problem.

    Have you tried accessing the camera from other computers?

    If you want, I can try and see if I can get a connection here (if interested, just provide a link in a private message).
  5. Thanks for your time!
    Problem solved.
    Just talked to the company supporting the cameras/links.
    All that was needed was to go to trusted sites and type in the link as a trusted site.
    I am once again viewing.
    Thanks again for your time.
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