I have pulled the cmos battery, main battery, hdd, upluged hdd battery line,and I still get "password =" after the screen comes up with the toshiba logo. Can the cpu hold a password? or is there another battery I missed, how long before the capasitors discharge, could they be maintaining the password? I tried shorting the cmos battery pins, didn"t change. If anyone has an answer or suggestion I sure would appreciate it.
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  1. I assume that you are talking about a laptop computer. Laptop computers generally save the password in flash memory so you could wait forever for it to clear.
  2. It may be a boot loader on the hard disk if its encrypted, if its a corporate machine it likely has full disk encryption which will ask for a password on boot, that is stored on the hard disk and cannot be cleared with out a full reformat.
  3. I assume you are talking about a bios password. If the system is still powered, it doesn't matter if you remove the battery. You have to unplug it as well as remove the battery. The Caps should discharge within a few seconds.
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