Need advise on setting up new build

Hi first of all, let me thank everyone here for all the help. After over a year of planning and saving I have finnaly peiced to gether my first build, and I am completely addicted. right now I have this set up.

52 inch sharp LED HD TV @ 1080p

I7-950 @ stock speeds

12 Gb(6x2) Gskill @ 1333 9-9-9-24


LG Blu-ray burner

500Gb samsung

thermal take armour +mx half

power suply:
750 antec eathwatts

Windows 7 64 bit

If any one has any settings I should change to get the most out of my rig, please post it, it would be greatly appreciated. I havent messed with the OS settings much and havent touched the registry or anything technical. I also am debating my next upgrade. I want to get an SSD for the OS and was confused about trim with raid and such. Running at 6gb/s I know there have been some speculatios that the chipset sucks. Is that true/proven, also would it be faster to run two say (Crucial ReAL SSD's) in raid 0 is trim still an issue (I cant find an up to date review). also I was planning on another 6870 in crossfire (Any benifit at 1080p?), and will my psu take this load. also I have read that using all the memory slots bottleneck the chipset(True/false/Proven?) if so should I sell my memory and buy a faster 3x4 kit?(any sugestions) Money is not so much an issue as I am putting back about 100$s a month, but i'm not so patient. I just wanted to know what I should do and what to do first. I am also having a problem playing blu rays. They are all jittery when I try to play using power DVD 8 (the free version that came with the lg bluray drive) do i need to register this? or is it a problem with my hardware? or do i need a different software alltogether. Thank you all so much again i appreciate it.
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  1. Hello leif2006;

    See if you can get an upgrade to the ver 8 PowerDVD as a first step to solving the Blu-Ray jitters.

    In what type of usage are you unhappy with the system's performance at the moment? That's the area to start looking at upgrades.
  2. probably my HDDs first but i want to get the most out of my gpu and memory. If I wont see any perfomance gain from crossfire at 1080p, I wont worry about it. same with the memory in 3 slots compared to all 6. but as far as ssds go the questions above have me boggled would two SSD's in raid 0 at 6gb/s on the marvell chip be the best way to go, I have read sooooo many reviews with no real bearing
  3. and I am using the power DVD ver 8, but it isnt registered I'm wondering if thats the problem, BD advisors says my gpu drivers are the problem but from what I can tell i have the latest. Ive updated CCC is that the same as the GPU drivers, cuz thats all I can find on AMD and saphires websites
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    Yeah, you'll want Version 9 or 10 for the best Blu-ray playback. I have PowerDVD 10 Ultra 3D and it works really well.
  5. since there are a number of questions in this post I'm going to select a best ansew for the blu ray issue and break this post up into the approprate forums to give credit where it due thanks boiler, thats what I was affraid of.
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  7. Leif2006 said:
    i want to get the most out of my gpu and memory.
    Explain further.... how is your current system's performance not meeting your expectations?
  8. well I dont want to run crossfire if it will only boost performance at higher resolutions, and I have heard that using all the slots can bottlenech the system so I was thinking about selling my memory and getting a nice 3x4 set instead. i just want to balance everything and get the best posible perfomance I can at 1080p with my CPU
  9. ive moved this post to the memory section if you want to post there so I can give you the best answer if you have any input
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