Trouble installing 24GB Memory on Asus P6X58D Mobo

I have recently purchased 6x4 sticks of Crucial Ballistix 1600 MHz memory. At first I installed four of the sticks and the motherboard would recognize all 16 gigs, but only at 1033 MHz. If I attempted to push it to 1333, it would work, but only recognize 12 gigs and at 1600 it would not boot at all. I figured it was just a BIOS issue, but then I'd put the rest of the memory in anyway and flashed the BIOS to the latest version, 1501. This, however, caused my machine to reboot a consistent three times before coming out of POST and then crash when it began to boot windows. I was able to flash it to an earlier version, 1301, which fixed the crashes and odd POST cycle, but now it only recognizes 8 gigs of memory. I have run CPU-z and it recognizes all 24 gigs, but says it is set to single channel. I have tried a few feeble attempts at changing frequencies and timings, but with little knowledge of such, nothing has come of it. I also have Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit installed.

Does anyone have any idea what could be going on or how to fix it?
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  1. This is 1.5V ram, is that compatible with your motherboard?
  2. Yes, the P6X58D Premium motherboard supports 1.5V.
  3. I Did some experimenting and came out with some strange results. I tested each of the DIMMs alone in the A1 socket and all six of them came back fine. What concerns me though is the configuration my motherboard will allow me to use. It is not the same as what my manual states the motherboard should take. In the manual, it says it should accept five memory configurations:

    1) A1, B1, or C1 (Single channel);
    2) A1+B1; (Dual)
    3) A1+B1+C1 (Triple);
    4) A2+A1+B1+C1 (Triple); and
    5) A2+A1+B2+B1+C2+C1 (Triple)

    The first and second configurations work, but are the only ones. The third causes the board to not recognize one stick, I assume B1 as A1+C1 alone works. The workaround on my board for three DIMMs is A2+A1+C1.

    The fourth would also not work, causing it to only recognizing three of the sticks. The workaround for this was A2+A1+B2+C1 or A2+A1+C2+C1.

    Finally, the fifth config does not work at all, reducing it to only recognizing two sticks. However, filling all the slots except C2 was able to recognize all five of the sticks, leaving me with the highest configuration of 20GB memory.

    So after all this, my thought/question is: with all these odd memory configurations, could it be bad socket(s) or just a bad board all together?
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