Power question

specs so far
Intel Core i7 920 Quad @4.1 ghz Zalman 9900 cooler
Asus rampage ii gene matx motherboard
18gb mushkin ram
Evga gtx 260 superclocked with extra %15 overclock
640gb seagate and 500 gb wd caviar green
Corsair tx650 watt PSU

do u think my power supply would handle adding one of these
itll be running 2 19" 1440x900 lcds
while my main card runs a 21" 1080p lcd and a 15" 1024x768

If not can anyone recommend a dual monitor card i could use
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  1. Hello thp777;

    I'd skip the recertified model and get this new XFX PVT86SWHLG GeForce 8400 GS 256MB card $29.99 and free shipping. Plus a $15 rebate.

    The recert model was 24.99 and 5.99 shipping.
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    And your power supply would easily handle more than just the extra 8400 GS video card.
  3. could i power another gtx 260 in sli with my power supply?
  4. I believe you could do that. I think you'd be right at the top end of what that excellent PSU could do with your overclocks though.
    I'd recommend you back off the overclocking while doing the install and testing at stock before you push the CPU up again.
  5. GTX 260 SLI review @ Tweaktown.
    Intel i7 920 @ 3.8GHz
    2x Leadtek GTX 260 EXTREME+ factory OC in SLI.
    That 449watts at the wall socket works out to be about ~370watts DC from the PSU.
  6. alright thanks
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