Problem with display at bootup - Palit Sonic Plat OC GTX460

I bought a GTX460 Sonic Platinum Overclock GTX 460 about a month ago, and am having trouble with the display at initial bootup - wondering if anyone else has seen this particular problem and if so how it was fixed.

Basically, when I first bootup my computer I hear the fan on the graphics card ramp up to a very high RPM and it stays there. The monitor doesn't turn on, and it appears that the card does not recognize the connection to the monitor; this is true with both HDMI and DVI connection. If I reboot the computer (turn it off and turn it back on immediately), the card behaves normally and the monitor turns on.

I have the most recent BIOS from the palit support site, and the most recent NVIDIA drivers...

This is more of an annoyance than a fatal issue, although I am concerned that the problem will get worse if it isn't addressed somehow.

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  1. This problem can be caused by fault CPU or even memory issue. It is hard to say about no screen when the video card fan still functioning. You might want to try a alternative video card if you have one to see if it even turn on.

  2. this only happens with the palit card. I previously had two 3870's in xfire with no issues (put them back in just to make sure, and still no issues with those cards).
  3. Oscars2212, I am also having the same problem as yourself - Have you managed to resolve this?

  4. I haven't been able to figure out a solution. I have narrowed the issue down to the card itself - it seems that whenever I turn on the computer from a "cold start" (i.e. it hasn't been on in a while), my palit card just doesn't work right. It's more than just an HDMI/DVI cable connection - I hear the fan on the card ramp up to (I'm guessing) 100%, and it stays there. I hear nothing from the rest of the computer that suggests it is booting up improperly.

    This issue resolves itself if I simply reboot the computer, but I shouldn't have to do that just to get my video card to function properly.
  5. Hi, Oscars2212

    It might be a hardware issue. You can contact your vendor to have further test or RMA the card.

    Or you can contact me by and backup your current BIOS to me for further analysis.


    Palit Support
    Palit Microsystem Ltd.
  6. I think it might be my power supply - it looks like the GTX 460 card requires 24amps on the +12V rail, and my power supply only supplies 18amps. So I am sinking some dollars into a new power supply and hopefully that might resolve the issue. The card works fine other than from a cold boot, so power supply sort of makes sense...
  7. I wouldn't bother with a new PSU - I thought that aswell and have just installed an Antec 650w and it still having the same problems, it's definitely the card.

    Palit Support - I e-mailed the following over to the support e-mail address on the 14th but still haven't received a response, can you please look into this for me? A copy of my e-mail is below:

    Dear sirs,

    I purchased the above card a couple of months ago and updated the bios. Unfortunately I have been having problems with my monitor turning on with my PC since installation of this card - When I power my PC on the monitor does not show the booting screen, however if I keep pressing the reset button eventually the monitor will power on (It may take approximately 10 times for it to work).

    I have also installed a brand new PSU which works perfectly.

    The problem has been highlighted in the following thread:

    Can you please let me know how I can remedy this problem?


    Kind regards,

  8. Well the email support from Palit wasn't able to resolve the issue for me - they didn't have any ideas other than making sure my GPU bios is current (it is), and making sure the 6 pin connections are secure (they are), and seeing if this problem occurs in a different computer (I can't check that as I don't have another computer). So they want me to "contact my local vendor for further test or RMA help"... which doesn't make sense to me as I explained to them I got this from Newegg and I am well beyond the RMA period with them. Doesn't Palit have a 1-2 year warranty on these cards, and if so wouldn't I send this to Palit for "further test"?

    The PSU arrives today, so I may as well check it and see if that works.
  9. I've chased Palit support today as it's been well over a week, I only bought the card a couple of months back and I'm not sure about overseas as I'm in the UK but I know all electronics are covered by at least a 12 month warranty here - I just want this sorted now, it took at least 5 mins of repeatedly pressing reboot on my PC to get it to boot up last night!
  10. A bios upgrade might resolve the issue-
  11. 55range - I've already upgraded the bios, first thing I did after installing the card.
  12. Guys I've had the reply below so I'll save my bios for Palit support when I get home and see if they can help:

    Dear customer

    We had replied to you with below mail and a attached file on 12/16.
    Please check whether the mail is in the junk box.
    If not it might be block due to the attachment.
    Please download the attachment from below link.

    Palit Support
    Palit Microsystem Ltd.

    ----- Original Message -----
    From: Support
    Sent: Thursday, December 16, 2010 2:25 PM
    Subject: Re: Palit Sonic Platinum OC GTX460 - Monitor Not Powering With PC

    Dear customer

    If the error of your graphic card is totally the same with the one on below website then please contact your vendor to get further test or RMA help.

    Or you can try flash the graphic card BIOS by different versions.
    Please follow below steps to backup your BIOS and send to me.
    1. Re-name the attached file to
    2. Unzip the
    3. Perform the SaVBIOS.exe.
    4. Save the BIOS as GTX460.rom.
    5. Send the GTX460.rom to me.
    I'll provide few different version BIOS for you.


    Palit Support
  13. Alrite what psu do you have- brand/model ?
  14. Well it seems like a new PSU may have fixed the problem for me. I installed it last night and had two "cold" boots since then, both of them went smoothly. FWIW the PSU I bought is the Antec TP650. I think maybe my old PSU just didn't have enough amps to provide enough juice to the GTX 460. I'll try it again later today after giving the computer a few hours downtime.
  15. I've also got a 650w Antec true power that I only installed a few weeks ago, unfortunately it didn't fix the problem for me.
  16. I'm RMAing guys - I've also tried Memtest to check the Ram and it's not that. 3 months of not being able to turn the PC on properly - Never had a faulty graphics card before though so didn't want to RMA without trying everything.
  17. I was packaging my card up last night to send back (RMA) and thought I'd try it in my brothers PC as a last resort. To my surprise the PC booted fine! From Googling around about error codes C1 and 0D it appears to be a ram issue (My motherboard is an IP35 Pro that shows post codes). I assumed the RAM to be fine as I have already ran Memtest and everything was fine.

    I have 4 sticks of 1gb (2 matching 2gb pairs) and I tried removing 3 sticks and booting the PC with each stick of RAM but unfortnately the PC still booted intermittently.

    I have taken the battery out of my motherboard yesterday and will put back in tomorrow and start again (I haven't got time today).

    I bought this PC just over 3 years ago from a reputable site and it has run perfectly since then (It is sold overclockers, both the RAM and CPU are overclocked - CPU is Q6600 quad @ 3.2ghz). I have notes of the factory overclocked settings from the original retailer and can list these if needed.

    Questions I have are:
    Should I try increasing the Ram voltage to 2.3v? From memory it's currently set as 2.2v and has ran fine for years, is this safe to do? From reading on Google it appears as memory ages it may need a higher voltage?
    Is it even possible that all 4 sticks of RAM could get damaged at the same time?
    Do you have any other suggestions?

    Thanks for all of your help.
  18. P.S when I bought my PC I also bought another identicle PC for my brother and last May we had to replace 2 of his 4 sticks of Ram as they were faulty.

    I e-mailed the manufacturer (Crucial) at that time who advised the original RAM in my brothers machine was no longer produced and advised an alternative updated version with the same specs of BL2KIT12864AA106A. We bought this and his PC has been fine since (Apart from having to replace the PSU when that blew up in August time).
  19. Another question would be how long can a PC like this last that has been overclocked for over 3 years? I know no one can really tell me but should I be thinking of selling up and starting again or do you think it will be fine for another couple of years? If this is suggested I would like to get this PC working fine so that I can sell it for funds to put towards another one. However I don't really need any extra power/RAM as it still runs everything I need it to (It seems after I bought this system the PC power increases have slowed down considerably, good timing for me!).
  20. I've tried the RAM out of my brothers machine and can confirm it's the RAM.
  21. Have ordered replacement RAM - This is what happened to my brothers machine last year and from memory I don't think memtest picked up on the faulty RAM then either!
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