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My PSU is an Antec BP500U that was purchased 3 years ago and has 2 +12v rails with 18 amps on each +12v rail. Here's an MSInfo32 report with my system specs and setup. I was wondering if the PSU would be able to handle a 6850, and whether or not it would be able to handle overclocking the card on any level at all. I've decided that since my computer has decent specs already, that I would simply upgrade the GFX card and monitor instead of building an entirely new computer from the ground up.

Thank you for any helpful answers in advance.
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  1. It should work. The 6850 is actually quite efficient as compared to earlier models. What GPU are you currently using?
  2. A Visiontek 3850 256mb launch model. Got it right when it released around the holidays. Sorry for the late reply, I haven't had internet access since about 11 am because my ISP had a citywide hardware failure earlier and it was just now fixed.
  3. With 500 watts you should even be able to overclock a 6850.
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