What video cards do audio through HDMI?

I'm looking into getting a new video card and I need to get something that has HDMI but can also carry the audio component. My current setup has just RCA audio going to my receiver, and HDMI carries the video to my TV via a DVI to HDMI adapter cable. Every other device I have right now goes to my TV via HDMi and then from the TV to my receiver via optical cable. I want to be able to send all data to my TV via MDI so I don't have to switch inputs on my receiver to hear my PC audio. I have a sound card with an SPDIF jumper on it, but I heard that video cards these days also can carry audio to the HDMI port via codec. My PCI-e slot is only PCI-e x 16 1.0 so I don't have all the bandwidth that new cards need, but I don't want a gimpy card either because I do play games that require a good card. Where are my options?
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  1. Nearly all ATI HD4XXX/HD5XXX/HD6XXX GPUs have HDMI ports and send audio over the HDMI interface.

    Really a matter of how much you want to spend and how much gaming you do? So, provide a budget and I am sure the user's on Tom's can point you in the right direction.

    BTW, what GPU do you have now?
  2. I don't to spend much more than $200. Basically I play WoW and racing games like GTR 2. Right now I have a now defunct BFG Tech 8600 GTS, but no HDMI.
  3. All of the Nvidia GTX 400 and 500 series offer audio through HDMI. For less than $200, you can easily get a sweet custom version GTX460 1GB.
  4. That's what I was hoping for, I'll check into that tonight. Thanks!
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