It all look good so far?

Hey, I am making a new rig and just wanted to know if it all looks like it will work together. I did a little research myself but I could see myself over looking something. I want to have a 3rd video card hooked in and that is why I went with a bigger psu, it may be a bit overkill but wth, room for oc or other upgrades.

If you see anything wrong with it please let me know I am a little out of practice with this stuff.
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  1. Sorry, dont know your budget. but
    no i hate it,
    over priced parts on things that shouldnt be if your spending 200+ on a cpu do NOT buy amd Sandy Bridge dominates there for performance and 1100T and its six cores dont even come close to matching the 2500k

    there are also some other things, overpriced mobo, CAS 9 RAM, over priced CPU Cooler.
  2. Anything other then the price, i just want to know if it will all work together... I wouldn't put em up there if i couldn't pay for em.
  3. Yeah, but just because you can buy it? doesnt mean you should waste youre money on it.

    yeah its all compatible, id recommend CAS 6 RAM with a budget like that though.
  4. Ok, if you think it is a waste... please make a wish list from newegg or just type one up one here. Try to keep it within $2500.00, I am looking to make the best I can for my money.

    I like to game and my job requires 3D CAD, but i wouldn't be doing a lot of that one this computer but would have to now and then. I may be off with some of my stuff I selected but I am still looking, what you see up there is just a first guess.
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