Which is better - Lian Li PC-P80R or TJ07 Limited Edition

Hi, PLEASE could someone advise me which is a better case as im really struggling in deciding between the 2. The Lian Li is very spacious and also has 10 pcie slots but the Silverstone is a Limited Edition 1. I am running on air and my current system spec is

AMD Phenom II x4 965
Asus Crosshair IV
2x HD4870x2 in CrossfireX
Thermalright Silver Arrow Heatsink

Lian Li PC-P80R Ati/Amd Spider Series Case


Silverstone Temjin TJ07 Medal Of Honor Limited Edition Case

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  1. The silverstone case has the same picture and writing cutouts on both side panels
  2. I d take the SilverStone one.However because not many have the red cases red cases also look sharp.
    I want to know what color is the silverstone temjin case?Is it pear(green and black sort of color)?Because it looks a pear like color.
  3. Thanx for the reply. The case colour is black and the cut outs have silver mesh and silver logos on the pront panel (not the gold in the picture above).
  4. IMO,
    if it was black then i think its too boring.For me go for the lian li.
    There are way too many black cases.Red cases have more distinction.
    Is the lian li case maroon or light red?
  5. Hi, is more like maroon red'ish if that makes sense. Iv included a link below of what the case color looks like (it wont take you to a website just the picture of what it looks like).

  6. my vote goes to the lian li
    You could wait for other members to give their votes.
  7. Thanx. Appreciate you taking the time to reply.
  8. However if you do go for the ati lian li case.It be a bit difficult choosing the right monitor to go along with it.
  9. iv got a black iiyama 26"
  10. no its not about compatibility but about style.
    What color monitor would go great with your lian li case?
  11. the black iiyama goes well as iv previously had a red case and it broke down the colours if you know what i mean (not 2 reddy). Also my mouse, keyboard, chair are also black and everything looked good believe it or not (surprised myself).
  12. alrite,
    I believe you.I would go for the lian li
  13. any1 else?
  14. this is a matter of personal taste.
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