GTX 460

WHICH GTX 460 IS BEST AMONG EVGA im confused whether to buy SC SSC FTW please tell which is the best here is website link
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  1. The FTW is just overclocked. They are the same cards though. Do, if you want the slight boost of speed, go ahead and pay the $10 extra.
  2. I have a theory... EVGA stress tests each of their graphics chips under a process called binning. Those chips that are able to pass the highest level of testing are assigned to the highest clock speed cards, like the FTW. Those that are second tier go into the SC versions, and those that are unable to pass the second tier testing go into the regular cards. If my theory is correct, I would get the FTW card, which has been tested to guarantee stability at it's factory stock overclock speed of 850 mhz.

    Wait, and a quote from KitGuru to support my theory:
    "Every card will overclock to different thresholds – eVGA do handpick these cards so they are guaranteed to hit the best speeds."

    Another from
    "Here though EVGA has done none of that. Instead it has tested and retested it's stock to find the fastest, most stable versions of the chip and overclocked them to within an inch of their lives."

    Another from Techreaction:
    "It is one of three EVGA factory overclocked cards, with the SC and the SSC being the other two, and it represents their top bin GF104-based card."
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