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I currently have a Dell E228WFP and i recently found a Samsung 23" LED led on tiger direct for $200. I was just wondering, is the improvement really going to be worth the money? I do game on the pc pretty often, but that's still a good bit of money. For what it's worth my video card is a 1 GB Radeon HD5850. Also, is HDMI really any improvement over DVI? Thanks in advance for all the help, and sorry if I did anything wrong on this post. First time here.

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  1. There is actually not much a difference between dvi and vga.And even less a difference between dvi and hdmi.
    They are all signals.
  2. HDMI is good if you need 7.1 digital audio otherwise
    no noticeable difference
    going to a 1080p HD Viewsonic 22inch 1920x1080 16:9 was a
    big difference to me but I was on a 4:3 Dell 19inch
    I had problems with your links so I am not sure what you have now
  3. Ok, thanks for the HDMI help. That's pretty much what I figured, just thought I would ask again. Have a friend that is pretty adamant that it's a big difference. Anyway, I fixed the links to the two monitors so they should work now. Thanks.
  4. Haven't used that particular model Samsung, but I have their PX2370 (little pricier) and it looks amazing compared to my Acer 23" LED (S231HL), and 15" macbook pro display. Looks like your dell only supports 1680x1050 res too, so most 1920x1080 monitors are going to look a good deal better, and Samsung is a great brand IMO. And yeah, HDMI is convenient as you don't need a separate audio cable but no visual improvement over DVI.
  5. Samsung is awesome
    I have a little Samsung SyncMaster from about 7 years ago that is still
    working with no problems
    Samsung actually makes their own LCD panels (most other companies buy
    the actual flat panel from other makers and put into their housing)

    also have you considered using both displays?
    your card supports it
    and having two displays is very useful
    it increases my "productivity" by
    having two displays
  6. The Samsung PX2370 is an awesome monitor. I previously had a 20 inch Samsung and it just bites the dust in front of a PX2370, both looks and performance wise. Even Dell's 23 incher could not stand up to it. It just blew me away and it was worth the extra bucks. You might end up looking at the blank monitor at the end of the day, such is its looks
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