New ADSL router - wont't work


I have good general computer knowledge...but dont know much about networking.

I have been using a Speedtouch 585 v6 ADSL modem/wifi router.

It is starting to play up so got a new router Netgear DG834G

When I connect the Netgear and go through the can't detect settings or connect to the internet

So I am now stuck...where to go from here? I'm not sure how the speedtouch was originally setup...logins, addresses etc....and no details written anywhere

How can i get these details off the old router, or am I doing something wrong with the new router?

Also (talking about current setup), I have installed a mini wifi USB dongle in my main PC. While my netbook currently connects to my speedtouch over wifi and works great (uses dns new PC that has the USB dongle does not get internet access. It connects, and says internet access...but wont load any pages etc. It will find an address but loads so slow that it times out and no page appears

The USB dongle is a realtek RTL8188SU 1T1R

Any help appreciated


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  1. Anyone??
  2. Did you contact your ISP to help setup your Netgear DG834G?
  3. I dont even know who they are. Just a socket in the wall. Is there no utility I can get that will detect ISP or number in use etc etc..
  4. sorry I know I am being less than helpful, just looking for alternatives other than "Hi, maybe I have internet with you, can you check your records please!"
  5. also any advice on why my wifi netbook works great with the speedtouch, but the 1t1r RTL8188SU USB micro adapter wont give me any bandwidth. loads favicon and web address but no content. Then times out. Its on max signal. Is this even an RTL8188 or is this just the driver windows has chosen. If you search for micro usb wifi on ebay its one of the small ones, size of a thumb (no aerial)
  6. If you have DSL, it's usually provided by the phone company. Don't you pay for Internet access?

    Don't know why your RTL8188SU USB micro adapter doesn't work.
  7. Good point. I'll get on the phone, they should be able to talk me through it?
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