Need to upgrade my cpu

I gotta phenom 9500 quad-core processor 2.20GHz.. Do you guys know of a faster chip that will fit my am2 motherboard?? help me plz.price doesn't matter. thank you!
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  1. no mobo model number given?
  2. XFX nForce 750a SLI Motherboard am2 it fits any of these cpu

    AMD Athlon 64
    AMD Athlon 64 FX
    AMD Athlon 64 X2
    AMD Athlon X2
    AMD Phenom

    I was lookin at this, but is this the fastest I can get for my mobo?
  4. I couldn't find much about it except at newegg's website under a deactivated product
    it was limited to CPU's with a TDP limit of 95 watts.You can read the feedback on the product there.

    I had problems (errors) at their website.

    Here is a review of it here.I started out on Page 2

    Seems quite limited (for CPU upgrades).
  5. Thanks for the help tho.
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    It would be a substantial improvement (I have that CPU (The Phenom II X4 940 BE) on another system) but its TDP is rated at 125 watts clearly above your motherboard Max CPU TDP rating of 95 watts.Also some people had attempted to try some Phenom II's on that motherboard but with little luck according to the newegg feedback even with updated BIOS.

    There was a Phenom X4 9650 with a 95 watt TDP rating slightly faster than your Phenom X4 9500 but without the TLB bug but it's been long ago phased out (not sold anymore).Someone probably has one for sale on ebay though.It wouldn't be substantially better except again that it doesn't have the TLB bug.
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  8. the phenom II 955 is am3 and is a 125 wat mine is a am2 95 wat :( thanks for lookin that up tho.

    im lookin to get this mobo

    and getting one of these cpu's
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