Wont to know if this will fit pls help

hi i have a

dell inspiron 545
dual core e5400 2.7ghz
550 gb hd
ati radeon hd 4350

hi am upgrading to the ati radeon hd 4670 and i was wondering if that card will fit in the dell inspiron 545 i think it will,but i want someone to second that before i go and buy it and i hear it a great mid range card for game i play like coh dawn of war 2 and going to be playing star wars the old republic.

so yea i just want to know if it will fit in my system and if it will run those game alot better then the radeon hd 4350 i have now i thank anyone who help me thanks guys
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  1. What style of case does your Dell use (small format, mini-tower, desktop, etc)? You should be able to use the HD4670 as long it isn't a full size GPU and you need a low-profile GPU. However, check out this 5570. Great price and can fit in either a low-profile ot regular profile system:

  2. this is the card i am putting in my system or want to


    this is my desktop my case looks excalty the same

    so if u could look again to see if it would fit i would really apperciate it
  3. Sure, it will fit just fine. Not an issue. Good luck!
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