Forced Monster Upgrade

I wasn't sure how to categorize this, because we already bought the bits. But here goes...

Starting with my wife's current i7-920 which just got zapped by 2-year old with a cup of dirty water...we're keeping the following:

Corsair TX850 power supply
Antec p182 case
Sony DVD drive
Western Digital 1.5TB Cav. Green data drive
Seagate 500GB old W7HP64 drive
keyboard, mouse, headset, Logitech X540 sound system

We had to replace the processor, motherboard, memory, and video card, so ordered the following on Amazon to get it overnight:

$295 i7-950 processor
$199 ASUS Sabertooth X58 motherboard
$148 12GB Kingston HyperX PC12800 memory (3x4GB)
$230 XFX HD6870 1GB video card

Also added some goodies to the order...

$139 Windows 7 Pro 64-bit OS
$119 OCZ Vertex 2 60GB SSD
$6.50 Arctic Silver 5 3.5g thermal compound

And a little something for my trouble to build it...

$129 HIS HD5770 1GB video card (for my Dell Inspiron 570)

Later on she's buying a second 24" monitor and eventually a second kit of 12GB of memory just because she can...

Any comments on the build are welcome and encouraged. It is possible she might change her mind and order something else and RMA whatever sucks...I'm pretty confident this will work well for another 2 years if not longer. Her computer had been running fine before it got nailed by the toddler. It will go UNDER the desk now, instead of NEXT to it. Less chance of spills that way.
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  1. Holy crap, do you happen to have a video footage of your toddler zapping the i7? :D

    The specs look decent. The case is child-proof. newegg sells the cpu & mobo with free shipping.

    The only change for now I'd make is the thermal compound. You don't need it unless you have a 3rd party cpu cooler. Or you overclock. If you need it, I'd get this instead:

    What's her usage?
  2. I'll be re-using the Katana3 cooler she had on the 920. It still has that mirror finish on the bottom after wiping it clean with alcohol.

    The 920 has a small discoloration around a group of pinholes. The socket looks fine but after getting doused with fluid I don't trust it. The Flamingblade GTI will likely be listed on eBay for parts and with no bent pins at least that portion of it might be usable.

    The case will be childproofed as I plan to put a cover over the top to direct any future fluid spills off to the outside sides of the case where it can run down to the floor without hitting anything.

    $3.99 overnight shipping per piece from Amazon but we ordered too late so we went with free 2-day shipping. Everything will be here Friday and she's working from her Latitude E6410 laptop (also i7, she LURVES her i7's now).

    We do a virtual admin business from home, data entry, content delivery, research, customer service. We work from the wee hours to 9am and then throughout the day, napping in the afternoon til the kids get home from school. Works so far. Software usage is Office 2010, Acrobat creation/editing, web development, Flash, Quickbooks, officey-type programs but we have them all open all at once and then browsing a hundred or so tabs at once. The dual monitors thing will be very nice once we set it up on hers and mine.
  3. Then your upgrades will be more than enough for your usage. The machine will be a beast. Who doesn't love i7? lol. Me too, but due to budget constraint, I went with LGA1155.
  4. I do believe she'll be very happy with this. Then in two years when she does want more speed, she might want to look at LGA2011 with the six or eight-core SB chips that should come available later this year.

    We won't be overclocking to start out. I'll do that later after I'm satisfied with the new setup. I can run water cooling in the p182, it has the little rubber grommets for tubes to run outside the case. I just have to decide what kind of setup I want to run and convince her it won't leak all over the place.
  5. I can relate. When my son was 2 he spit milk into the center speaker of our new 55" widescreen DLP TV. $2,500.00 TV up in smoke!! He is 10 now and after getting the TV repaired under warranty (believe it or not) it is still working today.
  6. Yup, the 2 rubber holes are for watercooling tubing. I think it's best to do aircooling until your kid is older. Just in case she may confuse it with coolaid.

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