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I've searched everywhere theres even something already on Tomshardware about this, but noone seems to have my issue exactly. I had been getting the "Driver Display has recovered..." msg. I read up that it may have been and issue with the driver version. So i go to update my video card and during the installation the screen goes black and it doesnt recover until i restart my computer. It now says i have the new driver installed but the issue is 10x worse then before. I get hugely weird color glitches during games ranging from rainbows jumping everywhere to super stretched textures and misplaced textures. Also the floors disappear. So the gist of it is that i think it is not even finishing the driver installation. But it can't rollback ethier.

I heard the Driver Display thing may be and nforce error but im not even sure how to find my nforce version or how to delete the versions currently. Is there any help you guys can provide? I'd be much appreciated this computer is nearly brand new and I can't play anything on it.

Edit: Specs
Windows 7 64bit
gigabyte nvidia GTX 460
DDR3 1600 4GB
P55 UD3 motherboard
750 i5 core
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  1. Are you positive that its going bad? Ive heard this issue by a lot of people and its nearly brand new and has been working great for three months.

    Edit: i know it doesnt mean a whole lot but Device Manager tells me its functioning correctly. And my specs are above.
  2. I should also mention that before it failed at updating to the newest nvidia driver the Driver Recovery error was the only error. It ran all games fine.
  3. I dont have another PC that could handle this card. My other PC is from like 1994. It would probobly fall apart.
  4. No but my psu is earthwatts 650. Let me try driver sweaper. But i think the main part of this issue is the whole Driver Recovery problem that everyone has. Do you know anything about that?
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