Is Asus P5P43 TD Pro Motherboard compatible with Intel core 2 quad processor

I am using a desktop PC with - Asus P5P43 Motherboard Socket LGA 775 with Intel Core 2 Duo 2.93 ghz processor ,4 GB RAM, GE NVDIA FORCE 9800 GT graphics card...
I would like to upgrade my system to Intel Core 2 Quad Q9650 3.0 ghz. processor and additional 2X4GB Crucial RAM (8GB),
but would like to use my existing Asus P5P43 TD Pro Motherboard...
will there be incompatability in this set up ?

rey paul
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  1. CPU
    Core 2 Quad Q9650(rev.E0,3.00GHz,1333FSB,L2:12MB)

    Since PCB

    Since BIOS

    [edit] also dont post your private email to the forums... you might not like what you get emailed to you from some crazy person.
  2. shin0bi272,
    thnx a lot for the quick response and also for the concern re: posted email ad on forum.
    i am a newbie in this forum... dont quite understand the reply :
    Since PCB 1.02G and Since BIOS would help a lot if this maybe clarified in a less technical term....
    thanks again
  3. on the link I posted it has the supported cpu's and when they have been supported by that mobo. the listed cpu has been supported since that version of the mobo (pcb - printed circuit board) and since the bios listed. So check your motherboard box or the board itself and see if you can see what revision of the board you have. Then check your bios version and if its higher than those two numbers youre good too go.

    NP about the email... but you might want to edit your post and remove it ;)
  4. oh, yes i wil try removing that post...edit and remove it as suggested
    i checked and found out the BIOS Version is lower, so i have to update BIOS...getting update file from ASUS support /drivers/download website.
    Should i use Asus EZ flash 2 to update BIOS...can you give me a guideline on how to do it? ...i read that it will be an opportune time to update the motherboard BIOS first before my intended upgrade of processor and RAM ?
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    yes its a good time to do it since if you upgrade the cpu and then try to flash it it wont boot. info on how to use the ezflash
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