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hi i want to know if this radeon hd 4670 will fit in this dell inspiron 545 tower i have

http://www.dell.com/us/en/dfh/desk [...] s=22&s=dfh this look excalty like my tower

http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814161315&cm_re=ati_radeon_hd_4670-_-14-161-315-_-Product this is the gpu i want to upgrade my 4350 to just not sure if it will fit in my tower i really hope it will i think it will i mean there a pretty big space there i guess thanks to anyone who helps me i know i had thread about this before but i forgot to add the links sry about that thanks again guys u been alot of help so far
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  1. The link to your dell is not working,paste it again.

    I couldn't find many demsions on the card but this one

    Card Dimensions 12.6 X 20.3 X4 cm (HxWxD)

    So measure that out and see if it will fit,it is from the PCI version but they looks to be the same.
  2. here try this link

    that comp prettty much the same i have i think except i have e5400 processor
  3. the card wont fit in my tower i looked at the dimension the his icq hd 4670 is huge it a 2 slot card takes up 2 slots so u must have something diffrent they wut i want
  4. yes that is the card i am talking also my dimension are width 6.9 inches depth 17.4 unches height 14.8 icnesh so will it fit in that case
  5. Quote:
    HD4670 is a single slot.
    which one are you talking about.?
    SAPPHIRE 100296HDMI Radeon HD 4670 1GB 128-bit DDR3 PCI Express 2.0 x16 HDCP Ready CrossFireX Support Video Card
    $59.99 w/ rebate

    the one i am talkin about is the his iceq the link is up top
  6. Which part won't fit HxWxL?
  7. purple stank said:
    Which part won't fit HxWxL?

    my dimension are width 6.9
    depth 17.4
    height 14.8
    not sure think it the width that wont fit but i could be wrong and also the his iceq is a single slot card but it takes up 2 slots cause it extened body for cooling
  8. but the sapphire one he is talkin about i think will fit might just go wit that one
  9. Are you looking for a faster card?
    Is it for gaming,cause their are plenty of faster cards with newer GDDR5 ram that won't take up as much space for the same price.
  10. well i only have 300 watt psu and the 4670 will run on that and i only have like 75 bucks to spend and the 4670 seem like a great card for my price range and i dont play hardcore game play alittle wow company ofheroes dawn of war 2 mostly like rts game and stuff on the comp so i dont want a crazy card the 4670 just seems like a really good fit for wut i do plus i think the sapphire one will fit in my pc has a huge fan on the botton but my pci slot x16 slot all the way at the top of my slots and i have 2 more below it so i think ill be ok im going to go to best buy tomorow and have them look at my pc and dimensions and see if it will fit
  11. Well is you can manage it,the 5670 would be better in a few aspects, it has DX11 and it consumes less power than the 4670


    Their is an XFX 5670 on newegg for $76 it's not the with rebate it is $75 without
  12. Their is a XFX 1G version for $75
  13. u guys are tellin me about this card but i need to know if it will fit in my machine
  14. lol, i was gonna say ' thats what he/she said' but ill hold the urge...
    anyway, is there a lot of room in your case? no fans or tons of wires blocking your pcie slots? (like in my computer) also does your motherboard have room for a dual slot card?
  15. ^yes it will fit,i think it's even smaller than the 4670
  16. so i guess i should go wit the 5670 then your saying
  17. purple stank said:
    ^yes it will fit,i think it's even smaller than the 4670

    so i can power the 5670 on a 300 watt psu also i need a card that doesnt require a connector pin cause my psu dont have one even though im gettin a 550 watt psu wit connectors i think well that not def so i need one witout it
  18. no 5670 all i can afford and that pushin it also the power supply i will be putting in but i would like the card to be bale to run on a 300 watt just incase i cant get the 550 watt psu installed right awauy so if i do get the 5670 which i want to get now since i look at it will it be ok on a dell 300 watt psu i mean i here dell psu are really good but wut do u think
  19. no u convince me to get the hd 5670 i wanted to know if that will run on the dell inspiron 545 300 watt psu i mean i hear it is a good psu so do u think the 5670 will perform on the 545 300 watter also i mean eventaully sometime soon i will be getting a fatality 550 watt psu so that will be installed but that might not be until a month or 2 after i get this card for xmas that why i ask if the 300 watt would work cause it be nice to be able to run the 5670 for a little while before i can get the 550 watt installed

    but dude i want to thank u so much for your help man u are awesome it very odd to find people on the internet who help u this much well thanks again be looking forward to hearing from u on the 5670 on 300 watt
  20. Quote:
    which HD5670.?

    the reason I feel so strong about it working is besides the fact I've done it in my own house (HD4670 on 300-watt), I used to be a Dell tech..

    oh i look at that 5770 that to far out of my price range right now

    so i decided to go wit purple stanks linked 5670 cause it dont need a 6 pin connector and it farly small it will fit in my machine
  21. Quote:
    no problem. enjoy..

    well i hope this all works out for my and the 5670 run on my 300 watt for awhile well i guess the only thing to do now it order and see if it will work guess there no really telling wut will happen until u tryon;ly thing im scared of it i havent been able to see anything around the net people running it on 300 watt but the 4670 it gurantee to so i guess i have a decisions to make
  22. wut do u think,think i should go wit the 5670 or just stick wit the 4670
  23. well i found one that says it need pci express 2.1 slot
    mine is pci esxpress 2.0 so will that not work
  24. but then i seen one that the card looks excatly the same it says it need a 2.0 dam internet dont know if newegg it wrong or amzon.com in right there one on newegg says it needs a 2.0 then amazon says it need a 2.1 i dont know if there diffrent or wut want to see the links?
  25. wut the one i linked or the 2.1 will work in a 2.0
  26. I'm not so sure about it working but i'm sure *malmental^* can confrim whether it will work or not,from one site i'm getting 250watt and the other was 75watt,so offically it use's 250watt under load and i'm guessing your prossesor is another 60watt so i have my doubts about it working on a 300watt but i'm still somewhat of a noob in that area.If dell is as good of quality as i hear their shouldn't be a problem
  27. i seen alot of post around say that the 2.0 and 2.1 will work togther it says they have minor diffreneces and the voltages are both 12v
  28. na no gpu uses 250 watts of power i was lookin around and it said that the 5670 uses 60 watt of power to run but then again it the internet who knows wut correct on these dam sites
  29. Now that i thought about it that makes more sense,yes it will work
  30. Quote:


    i found this malmental it says the 5670 only uses and 61 watt of power underload so it cant use much more on full load plus the game i play i doubt the card would be anywhere near full load

    i play like company of heroes ,world of warcraft,dawn of war 2 like mostly rts game on the machine and it the future will be playing star wars the old republic so it looks like my 300 watt wil be ok
  31. Quote:
    final answer..
    if you have the correct interface for the XFX Hd5670 (take a good look), then it's cool to run with it.
    if in doubt then go with the sapphire I originally listed HD5670..

    yea im going to go wit the hd 5670 2.0 version u told me about better to be safe then sorry well i want to thank all of u for your help i really apperciate it ,couldidnt of ask for more help purple stank and malmental u guys are awesome i wish u a good xmas and thanks once again ,nice to meet u guys maybe well chat again in the future
  32. WoW and Dawn of War2 will stress it out they are the most serious of the games you have.
  33. Your Welcome
    Happy Gameing
  34. purple stank said:
    Your Welcome
    Happy Gameing

    wow takes like abslutey nothin to run u can run wow on intergrated graphics but thanks again guys
  35. I meant at ultra settings
  36. well yea wit the new added sunshafts and shadow textures and water detail at ultra it does take a half decent card to get good frame rate now so yea you are right about that the new shadow texture can lower your framerate ungodly witout a good shader card which i have the 4350 and it sucks at that i can run wow on the 4350 at about 40 to 50 fps on high to medium setting on 1650x1050 also i run company of heros on high 1680x1050 on the 4350 it not bad card if your a very casual gamer but i like high framerates and dawn of war 2 need a good card to run on ultra a very good card so tha why i want to upgrade cause i love that game and im so lookin forward to puttin the 5670 in my system and hopefully the framerate will sky rocket wit that card but purple that alot bro i mean for all the help and malmental really i appercaite it so much man
  37. Quote:
    no problem. enjoy..

    hi Mal,
    do you know if optiplex gx280 internals will fit in to a dimension 5000 tower and if easily or not please?

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