Very Odd homebuilt issue

Well I'll start with the specs:

Motherboard:ASUS P8P67 PRO LGA 1155
Video card: SAPPHIRE Radeon HD 6950
CPU: Intel Core i5-2500K Sandy Bridge 3.3GHz (3.7GHz Turbo Boost)
Case: Cooler master HAF 912

If any other specs are needed, I'll post. I am aware of the Sandy Bridge debacle, but the RMA process is an strenuous one, and I only have 2 sata devices anyway.

So here's the issue: I put everything together, everything seems to be in the right place. I've checked and double checked each connection. When I start the computer, it shuts down almost immediantly, and then boots back up normally. No beeping it seems. But I get no picture. I check the connections on the videocard (the 2 power connectors) and the fan on the card is running. So I try a different monitor and it doesn't work either.

Any thoughts? Am I missing something completely oblivious here?
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  1. No beeps at all?
  2. None.

    The CPU LED light is red though :/
  3. Okay, try two things first (1) take the little battery out for a minute or two and put it back in and try it and (2) disconnect all the extra stuff (hard drive, CD drive) and try it with just the bare essentials and see if it will POST
  4. The startup, shutdown, startup is normal for ASUS. It does this the very first time you turn it on and everytime you change something in the BIOS. With no video there is not much to go on. Unplug all drives from the board. Just have the video card and one stick of memory on the board. Try the memory in different slots. Last try another video card. You can also unplug the keyboard and mouse.
  5. i'm having pretty much the same issue. Same board, same processor.
  6. Very damn weird, for sure.

    I passed out last night from exhaustion, so I'll be taking everything apart in a few minutes, and putting it back together from outside of the case. I'll give you all a heads up when I'm finished. I really appreciate this help :)
  7. Figured it out :)

    5a1ty, there are 2 power coreds the come from the power supply that need to be attached to the Motherboard. One 8 pin, and one longer one. I forgot to put the 8 pin into the board :/ Soon as I plugged it in, Red LED light turned off, and I heard a beep from heaven :)
  8. I have the same problem, but im pretty sure everything is connnected just fine, same mobo, same processor.
    I heard from one user that this was a pain and normal. its got like coldboot issues.

    See, i get random black screen flicker so im worried about that too and i keep getting it stuck on the cpu red led, it then powers down and then powers up again.

    splinter24, did all the those cold boot problems stop? even after leaving the computer turned off and unplugged for say 4 hours?
    *checked and everything is correctly connected.
  9. everything seems to be booting fine. I just checked on the LED lights and there are no red.

    It no longer boots, then re-boots. After I set the BIOS settings, I was alright.
  10. splinter24 said:
    everything seems to be booting fine. I just checked on the LED lights and there are no red.

    It no longer boots, then re-boots. After I set the BIOS settings, I was alright.

    well the motherboard does a post and goes thorough about 4 different red post LEDs. but there is a big green LED near the sata ports. I still get a half boot and then shut down before a reboot where everything works fine.
  11. Very weird :/

    I just got the reboot issue again as well. Everything seems fine, and clocks out well. But I do get a boot and then reboot when I start the computer. I'll do some digging around at Asus' forums to see what the issue is. Seems more of a minor annoyance than an issue. Those Red LED's on the other hand, may be an issue
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