I just got a new gtx480 pny overclock and not running much faster then my 8800gt.
Also my cousin has a overclocked 8800 gt that runs better then my 480. He has a intel 2.4 dual core processor vs my amd.

This made me think it was my system, and so i ran a few test.

Memory: I have 5 gigs of ram that are all pc6400. I thought maybe it was my memory being different brands it could affect it but they are all the same type of 6400 ddr2 and one has faster speed but i read that it will clock at the lower speed so its the same as the other memories. Just encase i was wrong i swapped the memories in an out and ran 3 gigs of identical memory, had no fps boost. The memory is 4 slots running single channel. I also tried 3 gigs of dual channel.

Power supply: Im running a 500 watt power supply. So i went and bought a new power supply thinking it didnt have enough power and same fps. I bought a 700 watt ps. I also tried running my 700 watt ps for the video card and the 500 for just the system and nothing.

processor:im thinking its my processor possibly cause amd processors are crap. I have a dual core 2.4 Brisbane 4800. I cant just buy a new processor to test it unless im sure. Why i dont think its my processor is because its not running at 100% when i play games. Ive tried overclocking it but had some issues with the system crashing. Ive read my processor arent good at overclocking.

any suggestion or other test i could run would be great.
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  1. I agree with Dipankar. The machine used in comparison has an Intel 2.4 Dual and that is running fine. That is indicative.
  2. Well Im looking at processors and im not sure which to get. Do i want a triple core 2.7? or a dual core 3.1? im not entirely sure on the difference between core and mhz. I use the comp for gaming
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