Blank Screen on Start up with New Video Card

Hey folks.. having some trouble with upgrading my video card.

I recently placed a Radeon HD 5550 video card into my computer (3.4 GHz processor, 40 GB hard drive, 1 GM RAM, WinXP Home).. and whenever I turned on the computer afterwards I got a blank screen.

When I removed the card and replaced it with my old ATI Radeon x300/x550/x1050 card, it worked, even without drivers installed. I had met all requirements for my newer card.

Thinking it was the video card that was the problem, I returned to Best Buy and exchanged it for another video card- this one with less requirements.. just in case.

I placed the GeForce 210 video card in, and got the SAME problem- a blank screen.. even though it sounds like the computer is booting up on it's own just fine.

Does anyone have a suggestion as to what I can do? I don't have an integrated video card and no additional PCI slots- and the GeForce driver installer will not allow me to install the drivers when the card is not in the slot.
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  1. See if there are any bios updates available for your motherboard.
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