Major Display Issues, Can't Figure It Out


I've been having some major display issues with my new home-built PC. The screen intermittently flashes some weird artefacts and occasionally goes completely black for a couple seconds.

I'm running an ASUS 27" LED monitor, EVGA GeForce 560ti graphics and a Corsair TX 750W power supply, which should be providing plenty of power. I've already replaced both the monitor and the graphics card once each but the problem persists. I'm wondering if there are power fluctuation issues with the apartment I live in.

It's hard to describe exactly what the problem looks like, so here's a short video I took this morning. If anyone has any ideas I'd really appreciate it as this has been driving me crazy.
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  1. I watched the video. It could be an overall power problem. It could be a video card issue. It could be a motherboard issue.

    Your power supply is a great power supply, though all companies produce some bad units. Is this a new build? Or is it an existing build by which the problem just started?

    Also, if you're concerned about power fluctuations (these will fry your motherboard and any components fairly quickly), get a battery backup not so much for the backup but for the power conditioning it will provide your system. It will keep a consistent flow of good power to your rig. Do you regularly see lights dim in your apartment?
  2. We don't have the lights dim in our apartment or typically have any power issues. This is a new rig and the problem has persisted since it was built. It didn't just pop up all of a sudden, although it appears to be worse now than ever.

    My first thought was that it was the video card as well, but I've replaced that to no avail. My father-in-law is an electrician and he's going to come by and see if there's anything weird with the power in our place. Other than that the only thing I can think to do is check the motherboard and/or power supply or try to pick up a different power bar. Mine's designed to run efficient, but perhaps it's running a little too efficient.
  3. heres a few things i would try:
    1. if the motherboard has on board video out, remove the card and see how it works out.
    2. try a different cable, (dvi, hdmi) and ensure its fully seated. emi should be an issue, but who knows.
    3. try the rig on a different monitor.
    4. reinstall drivers (if you havent done so already)
    try to single out as many things as possible.
  4. if you have replaced it then i think you have either your 12v rail not doing its job or your mobo.
    So are you saying you have used the onboard graphics and still there is no improvement whatsoever?
  5. Quick update. Our power supply is one of those master/slave ones that has a master plug that you plug the computer into. If the computer shuts off, all the items in the "Slave" outlets power down as well (speakers, monitor, etc.) I wondered if that was possibly causing inconsistencies with power flow.

    I bought a new HP surge protecting power bar, fairly standard fare (30 bucks-ish) and after about 8 days (touch wood) I've had no issues since.
  6. It hasn't been said yet, but I would also burn a boot CD of Memtest86 and run that a few times.

    I troubleshot a persistent display driver issue with a build I did for my friend. I exhausted the driver troubleshooting, slaved in both of my 4890s and reformatted the OS drive multiple times with fresh windows installs.

    It ended up being bad OCZ RAM. RAM literally has it's hand in EVERYTHING, it's definitely worth testing, if anything for piece of mind.
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