GTS 250 VS GTS450 ( 512mb vs 1gb)

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  1. If you can spring the extra cash, the HD5770 beats them all. Though it's overkill for your resolution..

    If you're planning on upgrading your monitor soon I'd go with the 1Gb GTS450. However if you're keeping your 19'' monitor for quite some time, you won't notice too much of a difference with the GTS450 and GTS250; get whichever's cheapest. Either card will play every game your resolution quite comfortably.

    Alternatively look for the HD5750. If it's cheaper than the GTS450 then it too is also a good buy.
  2. Actually one can very easily max all of them out at that res with very little effort. Most are cheating by using high end quads and reducing certain settings such as AA and AF filtering.
  3. Quote:
    no it doesn't, it's evenly matched with the GTS450..
    what are the rest of your system specs.?

    I've got a Phenom X4 945 and 2gigs of ram
  4. maybe in 2 years I'll buy a new display...the thing is I'll use the same resolution
  5. Of cards you listed the 450 is easily the best buy.

    Mactronix :)
  6. hope you noticed that the 450gts has 512mb
  7. zlad said:
    hope you noticed that the 450gts has 512mb

    Yes i did and i stand by what i said.

    Mactronix :)
  8. I agree. If you are going to be using that monitor for a few more years then 512mb will be fine and the GTS 450 is a better card.
  9. To appeal to those who think or want a 1GB card at any cost even if it is slower.
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