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Hi all,

Thought i'd have the experts boggle on this. I bought ram the other day, 2 of DDR3 1333 2gig chips Kingston make, to replace my 2 of 1gig DDR3 1333 1gig Corsair chips. (Yeah, i know what youre thinking, but 2gig more should be worth it right?)

My motherboard is an intel skyberg: DP45SG
Which as per the website obviously supports 1333 ram but also to a maximum of 8gig. with 4 slots on the board physically i'd imagine you would be able to use 2gig chips. Okay, so i insert the new ram chips and..beepbeepbeep. I try them together, 1 by 1, each and every slot with absolutely no success.

I decide to go to a computer shop around the corner, we spend the next hour trying basically every ram chip theyve got in stock, from 1gig's to 4gigs, no success. But it runs fine with my corsair chips?

Any advice please...

yes, i've done cmos resets onboard and in the bios. ive updated my bios to the latest version. its ram! its suppose to be generic like harddrives. if my motherboard supports it why doesnt it work only on my system???

Any help would be awesome. thanks in advance.

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  1. have you matched their part number with supported (memory) list of your board, seems like this is the problem

    or may be a voltage boost
  2. i have checked kingston's website and yes, it is listed as a supported chip for my motherboard.

    i have also checked the recommended voltage for that ram and set it accordingly on my mobo. no success :/
  3. really strange :??:

    try to manually set all timings and voltages of ram
  4. when you say manually, you mean in the bios? i have ;/ strictly according to the manufacturers specs ): i think my mobo absorbed the corsair ram and doesnt want anything else now... *sigh*... time for upgrade?

    i wonder whether the exact same corsair ram might work. but im not keen on purchasing that exact set which is now bit more expensive coz its not popular anymore, just to find out it doesnt work as well...

    come on people! bring some ideas!
  5. oh i forgot that it is not passing post
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